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ameya_beri Says
The default message in case of error in entering the application number is result awaited....

wat a validation..
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how long is the induction program in april..a week or what..as will hv 2 plan accordingly

thanks beforehand

Well Done Man....

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was going through some IIM call getters discussion thread..look at the content of one post...

"Hey I am new to pagalguy,Can u guide me for prepration for GD-PI....I havenot prepared a single thing..actually I was not at all expecting any IIM call but got somehow..."

this is normalisation


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Know someone who has done it, and made persistent efforts ??

People also tried a lot of PILs last year, and unlike last year given they did managed the things better, nothing will happen. because the system followed by them is widely accepted.

But Man why dont they start accepting GMAT score and remove this CAT...

U see XAT was so tough this year ...sabki haalat kharab ho gayi...60-70 thsnds people appeared and no one has a problem on its evaluation....what evr will be the result people will accept...

In India thinsg dont change,not by PILs not even by suicides....but man if someone takes a GMAT and goes outside for nver coming again then there are people complaining about BRAINDRAIN...why shouldnot someone move out if he dont get not even a properly evaluated exam here...

Right now the way they are behaving is not alien...In India who has power he can do anything...but they dont get the respect...I think IIM's downfall has started now..
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Man I think just only interaction on PG will not be fruitful...we need to meet personally ....we can do interactions in major cities and too..like u r saying that PILs should be filed in as many high courts as possible...we will form groups in cities like mumbai,kolkata,chennai etc.

we will organise meetings and discuss our future moves....
In delhi like u r doing...as u r spearheading this..assign some heads for all regions and cities..so that u can gv messages directly to those heads...I think that way it will be better..things will be structured

we are destined to get justice...

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Hello puys,
Getting around 115-118 accroding to different keys....hv filled form of SIBM P only...shud I go for SCMHRD too...plz help
Thanks beforehand

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Shashank Prabhu @shashank3012
As expected, the first results of the season have come out from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (Delhi and Kolkata). A total of 1100 calls have been made this time for 220 seats (160 in Delhi campus and 60 in

"A few people who were expecting a bigger score and failed to make the cut might have missed due to a few differences between the institute keys and the IIFT official key." Sir I have a difference of 7 marks less as expected score of 37.3,and you will find many on the discussion thread who have suffered equally or more from it.

For all those Puys who have got huge decease in scores due to mismatching of keys of IIFT and various coaching Institutes.Please share your experiences.Its a bit tough to believe that all coaching Institutes can be wrong on so many questions in VA and RC.I have got a difference of 7.3 marks.I had expected 37.3 and got 30.

deepnsit Says
I am not able to see my score. It says invalid information. Does anyone of you also getting the same??

check in IE u must be doing it in chrome...m i rite?