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hi guys,

how to send the acceptance email.. should we send it in reply to the same e_mail address of pgdhrm@iimranchi.ac.in

yes the same address
Answer to the first question: Two is more than enough...in fact one suit is also okey. We have the facility of dry cleaning and all...so no problems...

For your second question, that should not be any issue. Actually we did not had the opportunity to answer such dilemma :P

lol.yeah.read somewhere dat there's just 1 girl that too in the 1st batch!anyway,do u have a laundry service or some dhobi 4 washing clothes?also,whenever it is possible for you,can u please put up a list of stuff we need to bring along?that'll be really helpful.thank u so much

i have two queries-

1) how many business suits should we carry with us?two or more?

2) are formal skirts allowed?or its strictly trousers for both the genders?

sid1989 Says
u cd hv said u were a girl, sister kyun:w00t:

that's the counterpart of 'bro'. that's why

seniors,what is the procedure for getting the refund of the admission fee?

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congo bro..

lol.m a sister
hey seniors n puys,

can u let know if the no. of seats for pgdm @iim ranchi is 60?
if yes that makes the number of seats for general category 30?

nopes.total 30 seats for HRM.out of which 16 are for general students (i think)

the confirmation mail has to be sent at the same id from which we got the mail right?i have already done that,but just wanna be sure that it was the right address.

I have converted IMI-PGDHRM and am joining the same... I m really passionate abt HR.. and I am sure to see myself doing well as one 10-15 yrs down the line... But offlate a few of my colleagues have been discouraging me abt doing MBA-HR from IMI as it is relatively new ... I will have around 20 months of work-ex when I join the college... and I dunn wish to work another year and try agn next yr due to family restrictions...I know I can't get a hefty package unlyk the one's marketing/finance people get..but then.. Is it really something to be bothered so much abt.. 9-11L would suffice for me... do I realisticlly stand a chance for the same... Will I get good profiles from the companies that visit IMI where I can see a good growth in future??


same query.only exception - i don't have work-ex.

the website says that the hostel fees is 73k p.a but only for lodging.what other expenses are there?electricity bill or smthng?can u tell me the exact cost?