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Hello Puys !

I am an MBA in Finance (commerce background) with 2+ years of work ex in JP Morgan, Mumbai. I am however, damn pisd off with these back-end jobs in research and hence I am contemplating a change from finance to IT Consulting.

Actually I came to know about the field of IT Consulting only after seeing a couple of ads for the profile given out by Cognizant Tech Services (CTS). I just contacted few batchmates of mine and then I came to know that it is a thriving field where you meet clients, understand their needs and help developing a software or network or blah blah as per their requirements.

In other words, you would be acting as a critical link between coders/ programmers employed in your company and the company's clients and interact with both of them and get the work done.

This has interested me great deal and I really want to get into it but I dont have any IT background and I dont know how to make an entry in the field. Is IT expertise prerequisite for this field? If yes, could I do any courses to make the change possible?

Experienced guys please bombard the thread with your views.

Thanks all.

I think what u are talking about is called Business Partner HR or just BPHR in Infy ... they do most of the things that u have described ... every Business Unit has its own BPHR ... they allocate resources ... also deallocate ... be in tuch with clients ... and respond to their requirements ... and much more ... its a very good field if u like the work that is described ... U get lot of Exposure ... I dont know about Pay but job is good ... U get to meet all top people in ur company and on clients side
anindya82 Says
Well,if 1 uses a cover he/she can nullify the joystick effect of k750i

Still the joystick problem is what is talked about in most of the mobile forums ... even if u use a cover ... joystick has chances of accumulating dust ... never mind its your choice ... Its your phone if u can maintain ur phone nothing like it ...

Dude do u think u can start a thread fro answering single question... there is something called "search" in this forum which u can use to find relevant threads to post ur queries
Mods please look into this :neutral:

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frustoo_sam Says
hey sharadkapoor nd guys who got confirmed on 24th...did u get yr joining...there s a rumour dat off-campus guys r sent 2 bbsr for trainin...man dat ll suck...really...i hv been dreamin bout mysore since i got confirmed...dis news s really disturbing...plz reply...nd seniors plz let me kno yr take on this news

Well I am in BBSR ... and i feel sorry for u that u are getting trained in BBSR:neutral: ... I dont know bout the training quality ... i think its good ... even the DC is good u have got all the facilities here ... but BBSR as a place sucks big time ... but hu cares .. its just a matter of 3-4 months then u guys MIGHT have a chance to get out of this place ... which i dont have ??:
if u are from Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bnglr Ahmedabad ... or even Mysore ... BBSR as a place sucks big time ... but ... as a DC its growing ... n htey are planning lot of things to keep u guys busy ... so not worry ... welcome ...
Same thing happened to me; was called to join on 17 April at Mysore; got the date postponed; now have been called to Hyderabad on 26th June though I was told the training venue wont change. So be careful.

Does anynone know how good infy Hyderabad campus is vis a vis Mysore's? Like in terms of facilities, accommodation, and chicks, well especially chicks.

Welcome to Infy ... Dude I was trained in Infy Hyderabad ... belive me even i was skeptical when i got the joining letter ... but Infy Hyderabad rocks ... it started in 2001 and now its strength is sround 4000 ... its growing like helll ... compared to other DCs .... Facilities are better than Infy Mysore ... u get to stay in the same type of rooms and single occupancy ...thats how it used to be ... the only thing u will miss is the multiplex in mysore inside the campus ... rest all is the same u have a futball ground a cricket ground i htink still under construction but almost done ... gym sauna steam swimming ... the best Food court of all the DC
Coming to chicks ... yeah u will get to see the classy chicks in HYD ... in mysore u get to see the chicks hu are just out of their college ... but here most of the chicks are b skool grads ... so quality u see ... cuz most of the B Skool freshers are sent to Hyderabad for training ...
SO nothing to worry ... belive me it will be better than Mysore ... Enjoi ...
My k750's toggle key has just gone boink!
I went to get it repaired and there were atleast 5 more cells with same problems waiting in line..
Shopkeeper informed tht this a very common problem with this model.
Just in case u r buying it discuss this issue with concerned person and make a
more informed choice.
Other then this, i still feel its an awesome cell!

Finally SE guys have opted out of the lousy joystick in w810i .... I have been waiting for this cell for months ... all the problems that u guys are talking about are solved in this phone ... :satisfie: ... atleast most of them ... they have opted for a navigation key instead of the joystick ... the firmware is much robust than its predecessors (k750i/w810i) ... If u are planning for k750i then hold it if u have some more money to spare ... go for this fone .. it costs 18500 in Bhubaneswar ... with bill n warranty ... u get 512stick Edge n enhanced walkman feature n awesome screen ... and OverTheAir update ... so ne software updates u dont need to run to the service centre just plug it to ur PC n within 5 minutes done ... its been only 2-3 months since its been released so I am gonna wait till september and grab it ...
there is lot of argument about Nokia 3250 n w810i ... or Nokia n SE ... i agree Nokia has been market leader for long time ... but Se are catching up n making it even harder for NOkia guys ... this fone is powerpacked with features ... right now its a lil overpriced might be a 1k more than actual rate but ... not as over priced as Nokia sets ... if u have a budget of 16K for a new oen wait till september - october n buy this fone ...
Hey Allwyn n Rohith,
Great work ... the Tshirt was worth waiting for 13 days :bigups: ... got it finally tude afternoon ... and thanx for the free stickers ... just one word AWESOME ... Seriously it was worth it ... greatwork .. just waiting to wear it wanted to wear it in da office but there is an audit .. so :neutral:
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Hi allwyn and or rohit ... the other day i got a a call from rohit i think ... can u guys send me the cnsignment no. or something so that i can track it down ... cuz its been almost 12 -13 days n i am gettin a lil frustu cuz everybody has got it so soon ...

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pagalguy Says
WTF .. lemme check with the courier people. This was dispatched on the same day or the day after you ordered..

chill vincetone ... thanks for the speedy reply ... will wait for two more dayz ... no probs ... will do anything for the tee
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I ordered my tee on april 7th the ref no. is CART4810444 ... till now i havent got my tee please tell me when ill get it i ve been waiting ... since 10 days

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