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Hi Patriots,

I have a few queries regarding GLIM:

1. What is the difference between GLIM's 1 yr course (with 10L as fees )and a 2 yr course (with almost the same fee) from a top-20 insti in India?2. Will it be worthwhile for me to do such a course? Will it be a holistic and all-encompassing(don't know if thats' the right phrase ) course?

I will have 30 months workex with Infy by the time I apply for the academic session 2010-11.

Any info guys?
I think the time has ran out regarding MQ seat.
If anyone's selected, he should have got a confirmation mail by now.
Congrats to those who got selected.
Even top level recommondation didn't work itseems:(

Yes, even top-level recommendation won't work.
MQ seats are applied to (and probably decided as well) way before the actual SNAP is even held.
All this applying for MQ was a farce, it has been proved beyond doubt now. Wasted time and energy on it .. thankfully it was free of cost!!

Anyone here who got into SIBM/SCMHRD by just applying as they have said????
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From what I could gather from posts here and from my personal experience, no one has got into Symby collgs. (atleast the best ones, SIBM, SCMHRD etc) even after applying separately under Mgmt quota. Now we are not able to reach them as well (020-25652444 is busy since morning) which suggests that something is fishy.
All this application bharna, SNAP score being the sole criteria, 15th result gonna come out are all hoax/bakwaas. Else, why would they not accept calls atleast and inform ppl upfront, if not select atleast one?

I think seats have been sold, just like in an auction :nono:. What say Puys?

P.S: Just my personal opinion. You can call it "emotional catharsis". NOMTA.

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ohh!!! dats sad!!
Dat means at the score of 72 .. I have no chance...
BTW wot did dey ask u for.. Name or SNAP Id

Asked for SNAP ID ...confirmed from system my name... asked which collgs i had applied to .. and then uttered those two words which broke my heart: "Not selected" .. I asked "in both?" ..he replied: "Yes"


Anyone who has got thru ..pls post ur marks here... want to see how much more do they want... Shocking to say the least!!
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try contacting now..........
now the operator wont pick up...........

I got the line after trying for abt an hour...

Not got thru either of SIBM/SCMHRD... :shock:
Seems like I was not destined to do an MBA this yr also.... otherwise if SNAP marks are the criteria, i have, i guess enough for a mgmt. seat atleast (83).

Somebody has put it very rightly - "Life is like a black man's left ass - its neither right nor fair"
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FT- 120
FIN - 120
HR - 60
IT - 60
I odn't think they will increase it this yr.
Yes.....In marketing we do get more of sales orienteed jobs.


What are the typical marketing-sales profile given to IMT-N passouts? I guess the person who bagged the 7.5lpa offer from Asian Paints was a Marketing major - what was the profile like?
whenever i try to login it flashes an error :

Server Error in '/' Application. The resource cannot be found.
Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.
Requested URL: /results_09_11.aspx

is anybody seeing this error or is it due to some issued in my computer network..plz help...

Try this-

After getting the error page, do Browser Back twice - first time you will go to the Login Page and from there again do Browser Back. You will land up in your profile page.

Seems to be some serious security-related bug.
Hi guys,

I have cancelled my admission. So all the best to waitlisted.
May u get ur MBA dream fulfilled

Need more positive posts like this..for all those not in 1st list/WL of SCMHRD and no other calls...

I am able to log into my home page in the Admissions 09 site...

Am I seeing some light at the end of the tunnel or is it just a flash in the pan ?