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(I am also dying to complete my 2 years in PG and want to write a longer post than this one.)

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As for the donating the money, thats always welcome! Just let us know which runner you want to pledge for! As for the cheque

I have no idea whatsoever who are participating in this run. I will be happy if you(pg) finalise the runner and i will pledge for them.
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Hay guys I got these links from a group, thus forwarding u all in hope that it will be of some help to u all

JMET Analysis 2000

JMET Analysis 2001

JMET Analysis 2002

JMET Analysis and question paper 2002 (send by dilip earlier- Resending
for those who missed it)
Sample questions for JMET 2003

JMET Analysis 2003

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happy birthday to you.

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As I live in Kolkata, it is impossible for me to participate in the run but I am ready to Donate to watch another Pgite run. I am also ready to buy the tees. Please post the relevant info.

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Here in Kolkata Erudite is best CAT preparation institute for class-room coaching (at least as far as I am concerned). IMS and CL are unable to give it a run for its money. It is the best place to have through preparation for CAT. Its study materials (funda books, class as well as home assignments, about 15 section tests, 20 sim cats including 2 all kolkata mocks this year, 15 strategy tests) are quite exhaustive. Its D.I. and Q.A. section faculty is awesome. Even first and second year MBA students of IIM Calcutta take a number of classes along with counseling sessions. Recently it has been shifted to a better place and has included coaching for other tests like GMAT, SAT, TOFEL etc.

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hEY PG, open a bank a/c and pass us the a/c no. we will directly deposit the money in that a/c.

cant wait to see the old look back in action.

:shock: :x :wink:

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hey pagalguy, just do something and get us old look back. donot like this new, cold look. i am ready to pay any subscription charges and ready to offer some donation for pagalguy.com/cat. but i want the old look cack. Please........................

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Hi folks,
I am Prashant. Completed my B.Com(H) this year (Calcutta University). Appeared for NOT-SO-GOOD-CAT this year. Gradually getting into the family business buT willing to pursue MBA from a good institute. Thanks alot PG and other guys for such a useful forum.

Hi, Whetever plan u all make, just inform me about that. I will try my best to help u guys in Kolkata Community Service in whatever way possible.

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