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Adding to the wishes...

To the guy...who can give gyaan on anything and everything...including NOTHING...

To the guy....who will do anything for you...24*7.... (Assuming his cell has died )

The creative bhijjjjaaarrrrdddd....the hen pecked soul....the fin bond in next life...

Wishing you a very happy birthday....BTW his birthday is on BOXING day......is that an indication what should be done unto him literally :)

25th was the birthday of Atal behari Vajpayee...

26th is the birthday of another guy...

God felt that the world was over populated with studious and serious people for its own goods and thus made him...

To the owner of the most tecnologically advanced Pulsar 180 on roads...

To the Despo...to the Marketing Bond...To Meccan and a Dear Friend...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr Mehtani !!!!
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To this date that has been my fastest ever 100m hurdles (U cant ask for more hurdles you see :))....and we ran out..but i actually remember going for our very frequent "Tea Adventures" which I am sure snape will want to write about :cheers:

Not so grand...Finale

She allowed...but before we could enter Sriki noticed something...

and we immediately ran towards the door and the Victor as fast as Usain Bolt and then rode back to GIM faster than Valentino Rossi.


The envelope proudly proclaimed...

Mr **** Cocks,

(its a true story...trust me it is)

I agree snape...truly life changing experiences...IF you want to know the boundaries of patience..pitch to these people as they define the boundaries...

Waiting for the next episodes...

P.S...u have mentioned me more in your posts than the number of posts by me...Truly a honour


I do vividly remember the conception of HCR model..needless to say it acted as the single source for all the crap we espoused as it was an all encompassing model

Thanks snape for glorifying me....But global absolutely works...its beyond the language barriers..its the universal MBA language..unfortunately the police guy was not an MBA and thus could not handle it...


Regarding the letter..the selected candidates will get a hard copy of the letter and a soft copy which should put to rest many of your doubts.Regarding loans..it should not be an issue..I have got one..and so can you :)

All the best!!

Wackywizard a.k.a Scarecrow!


COngratulations to all those who have made it to GIM..each one of you have made it due to pure merit...keep ur doubts posted and we will answer each one of them...use the google groups for max benefits...

Congo ppl!!

Wackywizard a.k.a The Scarecrow!

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Hey puys...Its time that i post my gd/pi experiences...

Xth : 75%

XIIth 95%

Engineering (Chemical Engineering) 85%

Work Ex - 6 months at cognizant (actually did no work)

Interview Date : 5th March

Venue: IIM Bangalore

Interview duration :15 minutes

I reached the venue around an hour earlier than schedule as i did not trust the Bangalore traffic. As my luck was..could not locate the exact place where the interview was taking place.Walked into a place where people in blazers were waiting.After 5 mins realised it was IIM-K interviews that were going on.Ultimately found the right place.

Our slot started around 30 minutes late.We were a group of 15 and divided into groups of 8 and 7.I was in the first group.To my horror i realised i was first on the list also.The panelists were

P1 : Ajit Parulekar
P2: Divya Singhal

I was in the first group of 8 and the GT started.The case was about a fresh MBA graduate who has three work choices in front of her:
1. Join a software company at chennai.Package 8 lakhs.No variable component.The mba grad does not like chennai
2.Join a small equity firm as a RA.Package 6L fixed + 2L variable.He/she likes equity research.
3.Join the candidates uncle's business.Starting package is low but grows every year plus gets a share of the profits.Which job should he/she take?

Since i was first on the list, I had to start..made my opening statements and so did others..Then we had a good discussion on various iisues.Things like growth is faster in smaller companies, recognition.Uncle's business might deny freedpom etc were discussed.We stopped at around 10 mins and we concluded in reverse order.This was tough as everyone had concluded with their points..and i had no points..so i summarised the discussion.My decision was choice 2.almost 80% chose 2 while others chose 3,1.

We came out...sat n relaxed..the other group went in n they were out before i realised.It was my turn for PI.
In a sense being first was good for me as i had no pretentions,no idea as to how it would go.said a small prayer and went in.

P1: So srikanth, tell me about urself
S: Did so, ended with my interests were i mentioned quizzing,especially
in sports.
P1:Sports...Ok who was the first individual to win the grand slam in tennis
S: rod laver 1969
P1: sure?
S: Yes, he has won it twice
P1:have u heard of Don budge?
S:yes, australian player from the 1930s
P1:he is the first person to win the grand slam
S: ..stumped.. i defended sheepishly saying rod laver was the first to win in the open era
P1:top 3 wicket takers in ODis??
S: Answered.
P1:now lets get to academics..asked few simple basic definitions..differences etc...
S: answerd all of them..each answer was countered with "SO??"..so had to explain in more practical layman language with examples.
P1: asked a practical question on reverse osmosis which stumped me.

P1: tell me about the placement scenario for chemical engineers in india
S: Since I had made it to Reliance job thro the open process, knew abt it
Explained about the major under grad and post grad colleges for chem engg in india.explained the type of companies who recruit.explained how the RIL selection process worked.Explained the scenario at my place (CHennai).
P1: (impressed) good.
P1: wat all jobs u had?
S: answered
P1: why cognizant?
P1: Why GIM, what other calls?
P2;... (who had analysed my file thoroughly)..what is transport phenomena(one of the subjects in chem engg)
S: answered in detail
P1 and P2 looked at each other...and said you can go
I was relieved...asked if i can really leave the venue itself(felt like slappin myself for such a question)
P1 smiled and said..yes u can

Came out relieved..had a bottle of water n left...

So puys...freshen up your basics in acads if u are a fresher..otherwise know about ur work..more than the type of work..ur contribution in the work matters way more.

U have 2 view points..one for work ex..one for freshers (almost)

Hope this helps....


It's time to get some pieces for advice from seniors.
I'm a BCA graduate with disastrous acads throughout with a year of gap during 12th.
I've 22 months of work experience as a system administrator.
I work mostly on open source platform with linux surrounding me all the time.
I've also had a small stint with a call center working as a Technical process associate.
I've a decent extra curricular activities profile.
What stuff should I be ready with for PI?

1. An answer regarding your gap during 12th.Being honest would help in "most" situations unless its something which might put u in the negative.
2.Be confident about ur work ex knowledge..mostly with the basics..the faculty interviewing are not gonna know hi funda stuff..so be prepared for some practical questions..
3.Switch of job to call center..y??
4.Above all...play to your strengths...make the interviewer ask the questions which u want him to ask...guide it along and u should be thru!!

Hope this helps!!

Once u hv the call...all people are the same.Its totally upto you whether u manage to convert your call.Brush upon your basics and be familiar with current happenings..would definitely help