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vzca12577...You committed a mistake here buddy....Please remove your email-id. By the way, I have shared the mock papers in the thread, somewhere in the first 20 pages. Please browse through them. You will find them. Looking forward to you editing the post. :)

heyy iam sorry...i am not really aware of the rules out here....i have been active here only since the past couple of days...btw i surfed thru all the pages...did not find it...please email me will you ?thanks
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edited the post

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1. Newspaper is MUST :D
2. Go through this regularly:
http://www.pagalguy.com/discussions/official-gk-thread-for-mba-entrance-exams-2011-2012-25068981 mba-entrance.html
3. One more link...
Current Affairs TheOnlineGK
4. Pratiyogita Darpan..but it has comprehensive survey of world affairs..


not able to find the first thread dude

i have seen previous posts with regards to reference materials....could you please let me know what LOD1 and LOD2 refer to? I have Pearson's QA for CAT from Trishna publications....apart from this I need some other references for QA and LR....please suggest....my QA is pretty poor....Want to maximise my score in QA

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Can somebody help me with the SNAP question paper copy? I missed the AIMSNAP since I work on Sundays. Will be thankful if if somebody can mail me the paper or post it here as a link. Thank you so much. amanuri@gmail.com

Please help me with the previous years question papers for NMAT. Thank you

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