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Hi All,

As per my knowledge Average this year is in the bracket of 7.45-7.75
max is around 12.5 lacs
lowest has touched about 5-5.5 lacs
3-5 people were still there for final confirmation (some 20-25 days back)

lets wait for official figures

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I can't comment on the wisdom of decisions. What I always recommend is to conduct what we in business call "due diligence" - check the probable risks and consequences of those risks that could arise out of decisions. If they're acceptable - go ahead. If they aren't or can't be mitigated / eliminated, then don't go ahead.

Don't know about abroad, but the MFC @ DU is actually more recognized in India than people give it credit for. I would suggest the below due diligence steps before committing to it:

- Try and understand the profile of current students (both years), and check their experience profile. This should "indicate" the type of people you're studying with.

- Then check out the companies and (more importantly) the roles / positions they got into. Their jobs are likely to be 100% in the field of finance, but with what kind of companies and what kind of roles - management trainee or more assistant / associate manager or even manager level roles...Best would be to get the school to put you in touch with 2009 graduates (best would be if you found someone with your pre-program experience profile) - so you can get in touch with them and ask them about the program.

- If you find that most are fresh grads at entry and roles are at the junior most level, one might wonder whether the career services is geared only to those levels and perhaps they might find it difficult to manage your expectations in terms of companies on campus and the roles offered.

The MFC is quality wise quite good - it's a proper DU Master's Degree and has been successfully sending people into good financial careers for over 30 years now. I knew about it back in 96 when I graduated college.

HI BaccardiSprite,

I have one more query and now again looking towards you for the answer,
actually i was quite cofirmed for joining the MFC, now recently i met one of my friend who told me that MBA has an edge over MFC, i mean whenever there will be some manegerial level post, preference will be given to an MBA not an MFC (DU),
I am little confused, should i drop my plan to join this year and prapare for GMAT, so that i can join some good B-School, which can justify my 5- year experience,
or should i stick to my decision to join MFC ( as per your suggestions i had a talk with few seniors about the role being offered at MFC, and i find it quite good, roles are mid managerial to senior managerial level, alumni of MFC is also doing quite good, though they are less in no but they are at good at hierarchy)
cant i go for CFA along with MFC, will that be good for my future growth.
can you tell me the exact difference between MFC and MBA,
can my 4 years of experience (with 3 yrs in IT) and an MFC degree cant help me to go higher in life.

i know qsns are more, but waiting desparately to listen from you.

Thanks and Regards

Hi all there at MFC,

actually i am looking for few qusns,like what is the average experience of the batch passing out in 2010, and if any information regarding the exp of batch passed this year.

and one more thing, the kind of roles offered at MFC , if one is having exp of 3+, than if he can get some credit for that or not , i mean roles and profiles are decent na, not worried about package

Thanks and regards

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Hi baccardisprite,

want to thank you first for all your posts, really a nice thread

Actually i want some help from you, thing is that i am a mechanical engineer having 3 yrs of experience ,for the last 3 yrs i am working in BFSI domain in IT, so got little inclined towards finance
gave all the management exams this year in India, unfortunately couldnt got much success, able to convert IIT kanpur, KJ somaiya and MFC (MAster of finance and control) from Delhi university only.
i have decided to join MFC
Now looking at my profile will it be a wise decision for me, what else i can do, how is this masters course in finance from DU, what is its acceptability elsewhere (in INdia + Abroad),
i am not too keen in giving another shot next year for exams, can i get something good out of this course this year only.

thanks and regards

what is waitlist movement in obc category
what is the total expenditure for 2 years
Seniors please tell

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Do we ever had foreign placements at MFC ? (please not reply as that this is time of recession so better u consider national jobs)

i am just asking that whether in the past mfc had some foreign placement or not (my curiosity u can say)

Seniors are busy wid their exams, i suppose,

but if anyone can give an idea about my query

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diwakar251986 Says
hey .....i want to know that whats life here other then being a professional. i am looking for extra curricular activities here.....am i going to get sum activities.

I can say one thing that it is not a typical MBA course with its own building like IMT,MDI,FORE,LBS,SIBM and IIM etc,
It is a Masters course (in Finance) on the 2nd floor of one of the department (DFS) of DU.
You have to share everything, library,playground,hostel etccccccccccc
Rest is your calculation.
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amresh_maverick Says
Today I contacted DFS office and they told me that only 2 people from OBC waiting list have been offered admission right now . But they have asked to contact the office after 30th april for more info . May be some more people may get cleared . ATB

If anyone can tell that till what sr no obc waitlisting can get clear,
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Hi All,

This is for seniors/Forgiven,

I just got to know that actual fee for MFC course is around 104000/-

12000 per year as tution fee and 40000 per year as some committee/alumni/placement/ etc.. fee

so total comes out as 52000 per annum

Is it true

Please confirm

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All the best PUYZZZZ for GD/PI

Lets meet our destiny

Start sharing ur experiences as soon as u r finishing

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