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There is a local railway station just opposite to the Airport ( Walking Distance)..From there you may board a local train (of which service is very good ie. every few minutes) to Nungambakkam Station..The fare is Rs 5..Once you reach Nungambakkam Rly station you may walk to the Institute (10-15 min Walking Distance) or may opt for shared Autos..

PS : I am a fellow aspirant..This is how I reached IFMR when I visited the campus.

What's the 'shared auto' system.How does it work?

How to reach the campus from the Chennai Airport ?

mrvsmanian Says
By when should we submit the personal deails form ? And wat is the format for the fitness certificate.. Pls help..

From where did you get the personal details form.

Anyone from pune joining IFMR ?

Expect the result on 18th May .All the results in this year(also many times in past few years) have been declared on 18th of the respective month.

I saw the details of 'Seminar on INR/USD Exchange Rate' on IFMR website.
So are these seminars free for the IFMR students.

kriti1d Says
Mail your DD details to the management and send them a self addressed envelope now

According to the statement in the email-
" j) We are attaching a printed Admission form, acknowledging our offer and your willingness to join IFMR PGDM program 2012-14 along with the IFMR self-addressed envelope. Please fill it up, attach the DD and courier it to us immediately."

We are not asked to send our self addressed envelope.
I have just got the confirmation and softcopy of the receipt through email and not the hard copy.(Also I didn't get the hardcopy of the initial offer letter till now.)
When will I get the hardcopy of the receipt.


What Nishant wants to say is that-
According to the Director Sir, a separate placement process(only for FS students) will be conducted for FS just like the Retail Mgmt course.So in any case whatsoever,the FS students will not be allowed to sit with the PGDM students.

He also mentioned that if the company specifically wants F.S. students along with the PGDM students(which may be a very rare case),only then F.S. students will be allowed to sit with the PGDM students.

So,I fear that the average package of FS might just be around 4-5 lakhs, just like the RM students.


Earlier, before the last date of form filling,it was said that-
"The FS students will sit with the PGDM, IB and MMS students for the placements".
This was the fact that really propelled us to go ahead and fill the form.

Obviously from this statement one can easily infer that one would not be allowed to sit for the marketing & operations profiles.But it also infers that we would be allowed to sit for all the companies that offer the finance profiles.

But now this statement, which was the sole base for many of us filling the form, is being denied by the Director and being defended by you.

Now,in layman terms what you to say is that-
1. Except the companies needing only PGDM or IB or MMS students,
2. Except the companies coming for roles of marketing,operations,etc.
"During the placements, the FS students will be allowed to sit with the PGDM students for all the finance profiles offered."

So,kindly confirm the above statement and clear the air.
Also,please mention the above statement on the website so that it can be easily believed. Please help us in taking the right decision.

PGDM-FS placements will NOT be conducted alongwith with flagship Programs PGDM & PGDM-IB. It will be a seperate procedure. However, if a company comes with a requirement of PGDM-FS students alongwith students of flagship programs, then PGDM-FS students will be allowed to sit in PGDM placements.

Seniors please confirm this statement.Earlier it was said that the placements for FS will be together with the PGDM & IB students
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Has anyone applied for credila loan?
How much is its rate of interest for IFMR (they have separate ROI for different colleges)