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i think dere will be multiple ans.. and i have a doubt.
when we say class 5A is three places away from class 1A, that means
its 5A--1A
because when it is 5A 1A. we can say 5A is one place away from 1A.
correct me if i m rong....
just a silli try

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Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Five 99-percentilers who are now studying at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) speak about what they did right when preparing for the CAT. Read through their experiences, you just might find a magic pill or two!

BADly hit..... scored just 32.... jane kya hoga maula re....

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A. Professionalism has certainly travelled a long way in a short time.
B. Now, amateurismis a byword for sloppiness, disorganisation and ineptitude,while professionalismis the default description of excellence.
C. In the space of a hundred years, the words professional and amateur have virtually swapped places.
D. At the end of the 19th century, an amateur meant someone who was motivated by the sheer love of doing something; professional was a rare, pejorative term for grubby moneymaking.
1 dbca
2 dbac
3 cadb
4 acdb

i think its ACDB

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A. And it seems likely that over the past few years the distinctions have eroded further, especially in the tropics.
B. Most Europeans and North Americans experience the seasonal beat as a four-four march, spring, summer, autumn and winter.
C. The rhythm of the seasons is fundamental to mankind.
D. But the seasons themselves have always been more variegated, a little less fixed in their categories than they seem-and that is especially true in the tropics, where distinctions between them are less sharp than in more temperate climes.


can sum1 tell me why it is not BCDA and it is CBDA....

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hi guys, its nice to c u all to have such gr8 discussion and seriousness for GMAT before going anything I would like to share my info. I m ashish vats joined IT sector in july 2007, giving CAT from last 4 years and always around 90. I am always defeated by VA section(even this year also L). I am planning to prepare for GMAT and seriously appear for GMAT asap I would like to join u all guys for a meet and would like to know best coaching institute.
Hope to hear soon from u all guys..