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which coll u frm buddy? pm me for more info.. used to work at trilogy...

Glad to see someone calling it as they see it. I was getting mighty bored of those "Our bschool rocks" posts

thats because the value of the stamp depends on people believing in "our bschool rocks"... honestly, i hav seen better places....
I somewhere read Ravi saying the food at IIMB was the best of the big three... I'd like him to visit A now

Food is one of the factors that makes this place a lot better :LOL: !!! Yeah me sure has put on some weight


.. the quality of food really depends on the mood of the mess contractor and on your mood.... if u hav a accounting quiz in another half and hour, the food is usually awful... otherwise its kinda decent at A..

aur mere liye bhi IIMA... 4vishal@iimahd.ernet.in


my first few days at iim ahmedabad....
well this place is scary, really.. you can sense the tension in the air... it is highly acads focussed from day one... there is this overwhelming feeling that you get that you are all alone in the world, let alone amidst a bunch of wolves, left to fend for yourself... and this is not the first time i am staying in a hostel.... the place is really really competitive... all the profs are pretty good, for a change.. and there is a lot of learning going on in the classes..


Apologies to the one's who missed out. Invites have gone out to Changez Khan aka Prashant and Christy.... I sent invites in the order I got mail in my gmail inbox. Will post if I get anymore invites


PS: No more emails about invites please .... otherwise chalega

codewarrior Says
thanxxx a zillion voodochild

you are welcome buddy... two more to go.. any takers?

All right guys, I know this is not the fairest way to do it, but the first three mails to vishal dot grover at gmail dot com will get invitations to gmail.

I have already sent out 5 invites and now I have three more


Here is some revelation from Asia Times. It reports an expose by Mid-Day of TOI's shady underbelly. Take it with a pinch of salt, Mid-Day is TOI's competitor.
A small excerpt...

For sums ranging from US$45,000 to $66,000, the Mid-Day story alleged, one could buy a news feature plugging their business, get interviewed (the business owner supplies the questions and answers themselves) and have their picture published on the much-scorned Page 3 of the Bombay Times, the city supplement of the Times of India.


Greycell Says
As long as they keep main news separate frm the mirch masala....its cool...wotsay.

yup, as long as they do it.... but, in the recent times the line between sensationalism and journalism has blurred quite a lot.. esp in context of TOI... the same holds for ET.. in fact, there have been lots of times when they have misinterepreted numbers and ET has featured misleading stories on the front page... their analysis too is usually short on facts