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Converted IIT KGP...have a convert frm XIMB as well so will not join IIT R if converted... I have been observing this thread for a long tym nw nd the passion of the D gang to get into IIT R is commendable...hope all of u get through your dream college...all the very bestt for tom...


Selectedddddddddd........What an awesome feeling.........how badly I wanted this....


Cat OA: 96.14
QA: 91.21
VA: 96.88

X: 90.4
XII: 90
Grad: 64

Work Ex: 30 mnths IT

Bhubaneshwar I am cominggggggggggggggggg....


I have some doubts regarding the IMI application form that we have to
fill. I am a Pune University student in which my degree percentage is
calculated on the basis of only the last 2 semesters. In the form we
have to write the marks of each year and then add them up and
calculate the percentage. I am in a dilemma as to how should I
calculate the percentage.

Converted!!!!! what a relief.

Guys, throw some light on how are we supposed to pay the initial 25000. I am planning to electronically transfer the money so what all are we supposed to write in the email and do we have to send the hard copy of the offer letter as well.


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I want to change my GD/PI slot. I have just received the mail and its clashing with IIT R. My GD/PI is on the 19th in mumbai. Please help me with the procedure of changing gd/pi slots.



I have still not received the mail from VGSOM regarding the GD/PI confirmation. I have already sent a mail to the admissions committee but still no mail. Please tell me what should I do now. I have my GD/PI on 10th march in mumbai.


Hi Seniors,

I still havent got the mail regarding GD/PI centre. I have checked my spam folder as well but there is no mail. Is it something to worry about. Shall i mail the admission department regarding the same. My GD/PI is on 10th March in Mumbai.
Kindly suggest what should I do.


achalgautam Says
Any one from Mumbai GD/PI centre have got a mail.

not yet... m too waiting....
sunnyiet.2008 Says
If your final mark sheet says that you have > 60% then you can apply, you would be required to produce the same mark sheet at the time of GD-PI..

Thanx for the prompt reply sir. I just want to confirm that when I send all my marksheets now, how will the admissions department come to know my university norms. My degree says I m first class, it dosent talk about my percentage anywhere. So if the admissions team then calculates my aggregate from all my marksheets, I'll not be eligible. What should be done?



I am from Pune university..in my university the last two semesters is taken for degree percentage....according to that I have a first class and the same is written on my degree as well but when my aggregate is taken it come to less than 60%...Its written that the aggregate percentage will be taken into consideration..so m i eligible toapply..please let me know at the earliest as the last date is very close now...