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Hello Seniors,

I have been selected for IIFT Delhi but i can resign only on 9th July from my company although i can attend the classes by taking leave. I just wanted to ask if on the day of registration, the student is also on the payroll of a company, is it against any rule ?
Can i study at IIFT and be on the payroll of my company till 9th July as they are not ready to relieve me earlier than that

Please help me regarding this . Thanks a lot !

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I would like to know how does the Student Exchange Program at IIFT helps ?
Does it add a lot to your profile ? Do the students who go for the program are preferred by the recruiting companies or is it just for a varied academic experience ?

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My brief profile:

10th - 83.6%
12th - 81.2%
Btech - 68.3%
Workex - Almost 2 years in a reputed IT MNC, working onsite(domestic) in the Life Insurance domain.

I am a Btech in Comp. Sc & Engg from a reputed NIT. I gave CAT last year without prep. and got 92%ile. After that i decided to join weekend coaching classes and give CAT a better shot. Couldn't prepare that well as i was onsite and had huge workload but still i was shell shocked to see that i got only 85%ile in CAT.
I have a final call from IIFT Delhi but am in a dilemma whether to join or not. IIFT Delhi is one the best institutes in India but i dunno somehow i feel like i should give another shot to IIMs/FMS.
Many people have advised me that IIFT Delhi is too good to leave...while some have said that yes i should go ahead and give another shot to CAT.
I am in a fix as i always wanted to do my MBA from the top 5 but that would mean another year of working and taking a risk. On the other hand IIFT seems decent too and sometimes i feel wat if i dont get anything next year. Also some people have told me that 2 yrs of workex is ideal and 3 yrs of workex is not that preferred by recruiting companies. Is it so ?
In short going to IIFT would seem to be a wise decision but then i would miss out on my dream and leaving IIFt would be a risk but might just pay off.

Is IIFT Delhi too good to be left ? should i give CAT another try ? Is it too big a risk ?

Please advice me regarding this. Any suggestions.. opinions are welcome.

Thanks a lot

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Hello Everyone,

I have been selected for IIFT Delhi and would most probably be joining it. I wanted to know about the International Student Exchange Program of IIFT.
Do all students get a chance to go outside India? And if not then what is the criteria for it ? does it depend upon your academic performance at IIFT ?

Seniors please throw some light on this. I would really appreciate any info. regarding this.

Thanks a lot

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Allwin Agnel @pagalguy
The long delayed and deferred results have finally been announced. May you make it to the school of your dreams! To check the results, visit: Additional servers where you can check:
Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
In a press release sent this morning, IIM Ahmedabad informed that the CAT results would be announced at the end of February, instead of in the middle of the month, as was announced earlier. The institute did not provide
dropdeadsmart Says
Why so many questions on networks..are you a networks guy by any chance?

Ah not a bit .. am not a networking guy
I dont know wat was running in their minds ... but watever it was the end result is i got screwd
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