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hey guys,

I too got an offer last friday and just finished with the payment formalities today... I am in chennai for close to 3 yrs now(working in Infy).

Are there any infoscions out here (soon to be ex-infy).. I met two of them who are taking one year leave from Infy and joining GLIM. I am also weighing the options.. (though i am not 100% for it, taking leave doesnt cost me anything...kinda backup offer...)

Seniors, what is your opinion on taking leave from the company and joining.. will it affect the placements by any chance???

meet you guys on 22nd:)

Thanks and regards


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more or less the same experience as Vishy said.

GD was for close to 15 minutes. The caselet was about an MBA guy who wanted to start Amazon in India, whether it should be an online or a brick and mortar store. It was a moderate GD, with no fish market stuff. Almost everybody got chance to speak something. The moderators asked one guy to summarize.

Immediately after GD they gave the sheet for the personal profiling test. This an area where you can prepare nothing. Be yourself. The sheet gives you a set of 24 questions, each question would contain 4 words, you need to mark the work most suited to your character, and the one least suited. For some questions the majority of the options looked similar to me :).
eg: something like generous, stubborn,considerate,friendly (not exact combinations, i dont recollect the same words ). There is nothing you can prepare for this!!!

The interview was based on the Profile itself. The questions came as and when the panelist flipped through each of the pages.
Be thorough about the work you do, the projects.. you may be asked to explain the work, if you are implementing some formula (where and how did this formula come from) etc.

Some of the other questions to me where the generic stuff,
Why do you want to do an MBA
What specialisation are you looking for.
Rest of the questions were specific to my projects and my career plans.
Atleast in my PI there were no GK stuff asked to me, but cant take this as a thumb rule,
They dint ask for any certificates, only thing which was verified was you CAT/GMAT score card by the ADCOMM members

Met a few Pagalguys there.. it is a indeed a good feeling to know some of your fellow aspirants... (atleast you get to talk to someone when you are sitting in the hall).

Thanks and kudos to the adcomm members

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bad timing for a seemingly bad news... at a time close to gdpi... can somebody throw some light into this and clarify

But how can that be possible as they had a very nice placements in the last season.
Seniors:Its high time dat u should come into the forum and clear the doubts in our minds.
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The chennai interview location is at GLIM itself...

hi sumit..
even i didnt get the call letter yet..
do post once u receive...just no its on 2nd or 3rd...
but what is the venue,slot and al nto known..
the candidate who got the call letter..could you please share with us wat is the venue..
is th GLIM campus or somewhere else in chennai..
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I got a phone call confirming the interview date and time (at chennai).. seems like they are finishing of the chennais process first.

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Mine is also at the same time.. probably we could be in the same gd group

Hi All
I received my GD PI date and time thru mail

Interview Details:

Date: 2nd February 2008
Time: 2 PM
Location: Great Lakes Institute of Management, Saidapet, Chennai 15
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I too got shortlisted for GLIM, interview location - Chennai

CAT (2006) - 96.2
Work Ex- 2.5 yrs in IT
Decent Extra curriculars
Acads(engg 74.5, xii 82.4, 1o th - 8



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