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Krazy_me Says
Bhai, 7 numbers?? n=0,2,6,14,30,46,62

0 is not a natural number
As per my understanding:

CAT Score - 97.58 (48.79/50)
10th - 85.83 (19.31/22.5)
12th - 84.20 (18.95/22.5)
Educational Background - Engg. (0/5)
TOTAL : 87.05/100

As per a quick reply from MFC:
CAT PERCENTILE 97.5850.00%48.79
10TH CLASS (ON A SCALE OF 10) 8.0022.50%18.00
12TH CLASS (ON A SCALE OF 10) 7.0022.50%15.75

Since your score is less than that of the minimum cut-off; you have not been shortlisted.

Was there any normalization done for the 10-12th marks....if not then AP/TN guys have an added advantage...

Hi ppl this is just a guess. From above what i can infer is they should have used a class interval of 5(not sure abt the value). with every 5% decrease they had cut 1 point on a scale of 10. as per the criteria 5% is given to commerce students.
percentile/2 + 22.5(ssc) + 22.5(hsc) + 5(if u r a commerce student) = ur score

if ur score > 85.19 u shud have got a call for MFC.:cheerio:

correct me if i'm wrong this is just my guess.

I got both the calls
MBAunlimited Says
dude!!! i tried all the 3 links but upon entrying the details it is saying ""wrong regstration no or date of birth entered""...can u help plz...

Gimme ur nmat id and dob i'll try for u
I think p = -1 is only possible

x3 + px + q =0 has 3 distinct roots a,b,c
a+b+c = 0
abc = -q
ab+bc+ac = p
(a+b+c)^2 = a2+b2+c2 + 2*(ab+bc+ac) = a2+b2+c2 + 2*p = 0
2*p = -(a2+b2+c2)----> 2p p
p = -1 satisfies...sahi kya??

Correct :grin:
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1) put x=y=0

f^2(0) = 2f(0) ---> f(0) = 2
f(1) = 3

f^2(1) = f(2) + f(0) ---> f(2) = 7

f(3) = f(2)*f(1) - f(1) = 21-3 = 18

2) f(4) = f(3)*f(1) - f(2) = 54-7 = 47
proceeding in similar way
we get f(7) = 843


If the polynomials x3 + px + q has three distinct roots, then which of the following is a possible value of
A. 1 B. 0 C. 1 D. 2 E. 3

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Let f be a function defined on the set of integers. Assume that f satisfies the following

1. f(0)
2. f(1) = 3; and
3. f(x) f(y) = f(x + y) + f(x y)
for all integer x and y

1. f(3) =
A. 7 B. 18 C. 123 D. 322 E. None of these

2. f(7) =
A. 123 B. 322 C. 843 D. 1126 E. None of these
explain with steps pls

Hi Puys,

Can someone tell me till what date i suppose to fill in the 'WORK EX TO COLUMN' in XIMB application form?

someone pls answer

Hi Puys,

Can someone tell me till what date i suppose to fill in the 'WORK EX TO COLUMN' in XIMB application form?

sorry ..double post

its veru diff to decide whether its fake or someone said, there can be people who can score exceptionally high.. so we never know.
what mods can do is .. they can PM these guys to mail their score cards back to Mods or send a screen shot.. those who dont send it , ban them :)

My suggestion is everyone should post their scores along with NMAT ID and DOB. That would solve the prob. If high scorers claim their scores are genuine/true y don they post their NMAT ID and DOB.

Im least bothered about this poll. If u think u ve given ur best shot stop all ur analysis and prepare for the next round or prepare for other exams. Fake poll in PG is not gonna affect ppl who deserve a call.

Don worry about this poll puys. Fake poll surprises disheartened souls. Expect surprise:cheerio:

I scheduled on dec 20th(only 1 attempt). Last minute tips are welcome:grin:.