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There are few pointers for the separate list:
1. See for gd pi there is separate list right...Lets say if for BM the ND cutoff is 94%ile. Then for D the cutoff goes around 85. Just figurative numbers for now... N for final selection the weighted average score kinda thing is made based on ur performance in GD PI written n CV... So right at the start there is separate list so that no one is on a disadvantage...Imagine comparing a student with 85%ile and 95%ile...10 percentile diff.Which makes it a net diff of lets say 10 * .3 =3 (suppose if the weightage is .3)...So straightaway the last guy in one list gets +3...N in this kinda fierce competition wen u talk about 3 its huge huge number coz the final make or break may be like 94.25 in and 94.10 out...Just think about it...So wat they do is that they keep separate list for ND n D...N trust me its trimmed n collated to make it fair...N if u believe me lemme tell u offlate the trend has been that getting thru domicile is becoming far more tougher that ND...STIFF STIFF comp n num candidates increasing...Hope I hv answrd ur query...

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Lemme tell u sumthin u r in for sure absolutely no second thoughts. Start arranging for loan and odr essentials...
Rest we would be here post our summers...
Cognos to ol those who got in the 1st list. As for the WL well I would say...Anyone under 60-non domicile start packing ur bag...And under 40 in domicile ....
To give an indication of how things shaped up last year...The BM non domicile wl moved by something around 85+..for domicile it was 50+...Expecting the same trend this year...

For HRM there was no orissa quota...As for others the movement was quite a few...Wont b able to tell u xact ryt now...Sometym later may be...
Cya ol f u in campus then!!!

The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has olrdy taken place...

It happens.. maybe the way u told all was to the point and the way the wanted it to be.. These guys are really very experienced and dont need much time to judge u..
If u were confident, i think it went very well :)
all the best..

For all those who are interested in knowing the placement status of XIMB...Here is the link for the official press release report:

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hi seniors,

want to ask a basic questioN

"whats the difference between PGDM with HR as specialization in 2nd year and PGDM in HRM......??????"

which one has more scope & advantage????

PLZ reply soon.....

thanks in advance....

If you ask me then I would say specialized courses are always better n are more in demand provided u hv a genuine interest for it...Coz u won't get a chance to change it later...N companies do prefer specialized courses. As for the difference, u study more subjects n in more detailed format in any specialized course as compared to regular prg.
In BM u hv anodr advantage that is u choose minor n major specialization. So you can change ur area if you like (though here again after you tk up the subjects it is difficult to do so) but if you are sure of ur inclinations then u bttr choose wat u like...

jus chck older posts..ull find the answer
meanwhile join this FB page...It is regularly updated about ol d imp info that u will need..
XIMB Aspirants 2012-2014 | Facebook

n as for ur gd pi u can check in the below link:
XIMB Online

Hewitt has started comin to the campus. Soon you will see them chnge. As for others. They prefer vry vry specialized n branded course. So they had nt included XIMB. As of now. But the kind of exposure n prolific feedbck this course HRM is getting I m hopin soon things wud chnge. In the comin years I do believe n I hv vry strong notions that this program will be amongst the top HR courses across the country. Its just d start dude..

@Sunky14 :
Dude how do we check all these via Linked-In.

Go to linkedin search ximb. If you are premium member you can then search industry experience seniority n other criteria wise. If you are free member then scan through those 896 members. Or still better try searching using location filter. Remove bhubaneswar from the search so that current students are removed. Then check for urslf. Lemme jus give u few glimpse of our alumni profiles:
HR head Godrej
HR head Tata Corp HR
business head rich minds HR consultancy
Chief Strategy officer avalon consulting
Regional heads UB group
Senior VP HR Glenmark
Global recruitment head Syntel
Associate VP Digicel
Global outsourcing head n vp morgan stanley
Partner india PWC
VP Ramco
AVP Infra Axis bank
Senior Exec EnY
Director Tulip Consulting
Business Head Reliance Comm
and this is just few vry few of the 8000+ alum base that we talk n as sunky said we r vry proud of...Imagine the other big shots...Trust me we do have VPs MDs CXOs in almost all leading companies

Hope this wud satisfy your query...

@Nitish I dnt think it is unfair by any means...Dude wat u r goin to face is a big competition wherein almost all ppl wid u are at par wid u. So u hv to give ur best at any cost n dat u had to do even if u hv one call or multiple calls. U hv to give ur best shot. N there is nthn risky in it. Just b honest n clear about ur preferences n choice. It dsnt make an adverse impact to say that I lyk mktg more than fin or HR. But y so is more imp? there u hv to be sure n clear...


yup we do have a good num of seniors lyk dat...n they did rocked their gd pi n dats it. nw they are here. N no every slot of gd pi will hv mix students...

I have rcvd one mail for both d courses and the intvw time is 4PM, Banaglore.
Will it be a common interview or I have 2 interviews on same day

Clarification regarding gd/pi: candidates shortlisted for BOTH PGDM and HRM will be interviewed ONCE along with PGDM batch

Refer to :
XIMB Aspirants 2012-2014 | Facebook