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Hi Guys,
No new activity on this thread regarding preps...
Has everyone started with their prep?
If yes what is the progress..
Any roadblocks? If yes lets discuss them here...
As of now from my side working on CR.. Would be starting RC soon...!!

Lets get back on track everyone.. :)
So who all have started with their preps for the GMAT(before the pattern changes....)???
What are the problems faced so far?
and Who has started with what section?

oops i dont know why it was * studded by the forum checker.. :|
newaz below is the site name again.. (please replace the * s with the following word:
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prateekgoyal Says
pls suggest me some good gmat course material online..

Hi Prateek,

My advice would be to go for books mentioned in the above replies. if you wish to study ebooks you can download them.
For practice tests you can refer the following websites:
Free Online TOEIC, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT Tests -
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Hi everyone,

Supposing that i did very well in GMAT,how do you plan to manage the funds as studying outside is very costly and if loans is not taken as an option how to manage them,can anyone suggest?

Hi Naval,
As of now I am focussing to apply for colleges in India. As far as studies in the US or any other countries go the tuition fees + other expenses will be in the upwards of 110,000$. So its a bit difficult to arrange for the funds. But we can get international loans upto 85% of the fees.
Hi I am Arpita. I am new to PG and now got confused. I subscribed this thread for GMAT 2012, but the moderator has closed it and redirected to this thread which I see started way back in 2006. Is there anybody planning to take the exam before June 2012?

I have just begun my preparation and would like to be part of a study group aiming GMAT in next 4 months for study materials and study-morale :)

Hi Arpita,
Good to see more like minded people joining in...
I am planning to take the GMAT in the month of May 2012 before the pattern changes :)
Books that I am referring to are as follows:
1. OG 12
2. Kaplan 800
3. Princeton Verbal
4. OG Verbal Review
5. OG Quant Review

As of now very motivated... but need to see where we are after 2 months..
Hi Hyderabadi Puys,

I'm also planning to appear for GMAT this year. Unfortunately, I've very little idea about the test and applying to colleges later. I would be really thankful if anyone could guide me here.
I know, it might be too much.
I stay in Hyderabad, near Tolichowki. My office is in Gachibowli.

Anyone here who can help ??

Apka bhi sab achha hoga.. :)
Just to get you started about the GMAT just have a look at the The Official GMAT Website
this will give you a fair idea about the test format etc...
as far as the prep goes, you can use the following material:
1. OG 11
2. Kaplan 800
that should get you started...
All the top B schools in the world accept the GMAT score for admission.
In India GMAT score is valid only for the Executive MBA programs, following are the colleges which accept the score in India:
1. IIM A,B,C and L (new additions might be there)
2. ISB
3. SP Jain
5. Great Lakes Institute.

This should get you started...

Hi all...
The techniques described in Kaplan 800 are good.. do refer it.. it will be useful...!

Hi all...
The techniques described in Kaplan 800 are good.. do refer it.. it will be useful...!

Great to see people active on this thread... We can use this thread to track our progress and we can also solve our queries/problems here...