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A.Many fictional explorations of Artificial Intelligence in literature and film explore these very questions.
B.We wish to exclude from the machines men born in the usual manner, or even in unusual manners such as in vitro fertilization or ectogenesis.
C.Since computers give every outward appearance of performing intellectual tasks, the question arises: "Are they really thinking?"
D.And if nonhuman animals think, we wish to exclude them from the machines, too.
E.And if they are really thinking, are they not, then, owed similar rights to rational human beings?

Set 150: Option 2
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My Take for Set 139


How many people attended CL Proc Mock 2??

Hi everyone,I have a few problems in ratios,mixtures and allegations,please help me out with these I am stuck in the following questions:

Q1)Durga puja pandals offer preparations of curd,honey and sugar.pandal A mixes these in the ratio 5:4:1 while b does it in the ratio 5:6:4.I mix prepartions from these 2 pandals in the ratio 27:14..Now,in what ratio do I add curd the mixture to get the final concentration of honey in the mixture as 25%? (Way to complicated to do it using normal approach)

Q2)A cask contains 100 litres of petrol and B has 140 litres kerosene.80 lires is drawn from each and mixed,then each cask is refilled with the mixture.This process is repeated one more time.What are the final concentrations of petrol:kerosene in each cask now??

Thanks in advance!! :)

1) we need to add 14.6 litres of Ghee to 41 litres of mixture. the ration is 14.6/41.
2) Forst cask contains 47.4Petrol+ 52.6Kerosine in litres. Second cask contains 52.6Petrol + 87.4 kerosine in litres.

Am I right???
a) The 444th term of the following sequence 1,2,3,10,11,12,13,20,21,22,23,30,31... is:
(1) 1331 (2)17776 (3)12330 (4)13330

b) If P=abc and Q=uv are three digits and two digits two natural numbers respectively, such that u and v must be distinct integers. How many pairs of P and Q are there in total which give the same result when we multiply abc with uv as the product of cba with vu(positio of digits is interchanges):
(1) 2 (2) 8 (3) 5 (4) can't be determined

(c) At his party, Praveen invited his 100 friends and they took their seats numbered 1,2,3,...100. starting from seat number 1 every third guest was served with chapatis and every fourth guest was served with poori and every fifth guest was served with dahi and the remaining guests were served coca-cola only. How many guests enjoyed coca cola?
(1) 33 (2) 41 (c) 13 (d) cbd

This number system is killing me with such questions!:-(

Answer for Q3) Option B. 41 Guests. Am I right???