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Somebody has the latest soft copy of Candidate Profile sheet?? :)
Kindly post the link..

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Mast hai yar............... lol...

Someone help me plz
I heard that ATMA is going to be held on 20 FEB. 2011.....
but ATMA has already been held on 19th DEC 2010...
What is this??
I think ATMA held only once in a year...
I didn't write ATMA on 19Dec. 2010..

but now i want to give is just because for GIM Goa,,,,,

Will i be able to apply for GIM, Goa by ATMA FEB 2011????

help me ??

Only ATMA Score of 19th Dec is accepted by both GIM n Welingkar.. If u missed it then dont think of this 2 colleges..

Hi thr,
My friend has scored 70%ile:banghead: in MAT....Can any1 let me know if she can get a call from any college within Rajashthan?

hi...... my score is 92 out of 240............ thts not even in 3 figure... but no probs.. n m open catergory..
m 4m pune univ.... do u thnk wethere i wud get thik tak college in pune r mum... 4 my score r else shud i stry nexttime....

Buddy, getting score in two fig and rank in 4 fig is alwayz a prob..
If u can, try next yr....thts all i can say
hi all,
anyone has sum information abt jd bytco, nashik? it's infra, faculty, and ofcourse placements?
i m mum univ student, so is it worth 2 switch 2 pune univ. in dis case ?

Check their website J.D.C Bytco IMSR, Nashik
And for decency @ college speak to the alumni..
Also this institute is affiliated to pune degree would be worthfull..
Thby e question is

" How true is this story ??? " What credibility do we asign this piece of news ?

A true story can b posted by dte only...
so wait for notifications...thts all i can say
dhwani sanghvi Says
hey dis is spl. 4 parag...can u plz help me in makin ma list 4 d cap u knw, ma score is 126/240..mum university...state merit no.5203...intrested in pune well as mumbai college if a decent college is available in ma score....pplllzzzz helppp....thanx.....

Sorry buddy...very hard to get decent college..
Check out the link for a rough idea about cutoff's for this yr
MBA/MMS Allotment CAP R-I
Check out last yrs cutoff
MBA/MMS Allotment CAP R-I

Afiya Says
my score is 147.state merit rank 1669.which colleges can i expect 4 cap 3

Kindly check out the link..
wat do u reckon??
wanna get thru welingkar,somaiya or dalmiya..

Check out last yr cutoffs
MBA/MMS Allotment CAP R-I