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i am from mumbai

Center & Venue for GD/PI Mumbai
Date & Time for GD/PI
28/05/ 2009

can somone who done with gdpi jst tell me what was the quessionaire And gd topic.

plz help me out....


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ok which colleges are good for pg..i want to do finance got 90.67%tile and only 100 marks.. wht shd i prefer

hi anybody knws officially which are top 15 for cet/mms
and for pg...any site or smthng
...pls let us knw....

Hi guys ur dng grt job...thanks & congrats
let me introdce my self
Tejashree Here, i cmplted my bcom frm sathey with 79% & hsc wth 68%
I liked the subjects accounting & eco in collge time but i think wht i learned was quite different from practicle.
i appeared for cet 09 got 9.67%tile with 100 marks.

now i am confused which way to go hr or finance. i find comfortable in talking to pepl & solving there problem but after smtime i felt i will keep dng same thing no challenge.. which i could get in finance.
Is finance so tough ppl said u wont manage that

Do you have a liking for number crunching? - yes
Do you like to work in teams or u like to work alone? - i'd like to work with theams or even lead teams
Do you find it easy to convince people to do what you want? - not really
Do you have a creative mind? - somewht
Do you like travelling? - quite enjoy it but not everyday
Do you find it easy to talk to strangers? - yes whn somthng comon is there to talk

Pls help me out guys...:D

MMs is good or pg
what is cet ranking college for 2009....

hi got
100 mrks, 90.67%tile... very less i knw
& above to that iam frm open catgry
which college i will get in mumbai
pls help

GMAT     mba

hi this is vishal here i got 68%