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Result is out I passed.I just got the mail

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Thanks milan for the correction

This is viral shah. I have done B.E(Information Technology).
Work Exp: Nil
City: Ahmedabad.
I visited IIT Madras before taking a decision about spending next two year over there or IMT G.

And after visiting ended up with the decision that its a great place to be for next two years and finally I am joining IIT Madras.

I would like to share my experience of 2 days at IIT Madras.

The Campus is lush green and huge.

Its in the guindy area which has a national park inside with deers and black buck.

Its so mesmerizing to see such natural environment but people over here are used to it and don't pay attention to it.
DOMS Dept is 2 kms inside the main campus.

Seniors are very chill and very helpful.

There is a place called gurunath where you can have coffee and snacks. It is inside the campus and it open till late 2 in the night.

There is canteen called tiffany which provides good food and also fruit dish and juices. It is inside the campus and very near to DOMS.

Whenever you want to take a break from mess food and have nice dinner there is a place called basera to chill out. It is inside the campus and it open till late 2 in the night.

Mess food was okay. It would generally have rice, dal, rasam and roti apart from other things.

There is a hospital that takes care of all your medical undertakings for next two years free of charge.

The mode of transport is Buses that keep on moving in the campus at different points.

So if you want to go from DOMS department to your hostel then you can catch a bus at gajendra circle that is the nearest bus stand to DOMS Dept and get down at your hostel.

Everyone here needs to have a cycle that's almost mandatory otherwise you cant survive.

The hostel rooms are pretty nice and well cleaned and maintained. Also Bathrooms are well cleaned. And hostel is equipped with lifts.

All the students will be getting room on single basis.

We have internet access in our hostel room with the help of LAN.
But net would not work from 12 am to 2 pm during weekdays so that we do attend lectures.

Next to DOMS Dept is CCD so thats good news for you guys.

Professor and student share family like bonding.

DOMS Dept has a good IT lab.

Daily lectures can vary from 4 to 6 hours. Life is not that hectic. Its on an individual how he utilizes the extra time.

Faculties are very nice and few are the best in India.

There is DC++ which makes life easy. A movie or song you wish and its on your laptop within 5 minutes. You name it and DC++ has it.
There is awesome tea available 5 minutes walking distance from the campus.
If you miss the breakfast in mess then dont worry nice idli, vada, etc is available outside very nearby.
Its bit humid over here but the temperature inside the campus and outside the city has a huge difference due to its greenery.
If you want to go outside city you would have problem in communicating in Hindi and English.
There is an open theatre in the campus which shows all recent movies.
Seniors were like elder brothers. Vikas, Varun, pratyush, Milan, vishal, prashant, vinayak, vaibhav, Shivraj were very helpful. Thanks to all . And over here we dont need to call seniors with a sir tag added just call them by their name.
For those who are planning to bring their bike can do so but can keep it outside the campus at 200 Rs per month basis.
There is a TV Room and TT room in hostel.
Swimming, Cricket, Tennis and almost every kind of sporting facilities are there.
DOMS has its own library in the Dept itself.
There is a central library next to DOMS where you can do all the readings.
This was a part of my experience that I could describe in words rest you yourself discover once you are in campus.
Hope to see you all on 26th in campus.


I am viral here.
I was waitlisted.
I have confirmed my admission.

Can anyone post the details or scan copy of the formal letter that people had got previously.Because for the waitlist students they would be getting the formal letter in a week so that we can have a fair idea about it.

I know comparing is against PG rules but I am in do or die situation.
I am at IMT G and just converted IIT Madras.
I am in a dilemma what to go for,why,and how to go about to my decision.
I need some comparative insights.
It would be grateful if seniors or anyone helps me out and PM me.
Also what is the total intake of students at IIT madras(batchsize)
Thanks in advance

did anyone got the post about finalization of admission.

I had paid the dd at 8th may.But yet no post has been delivered.

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I had send the dd on 8th May also had filled the dd form but yet have not got any reply.

I had gone through the excel sheet names but that was of those who had personally deposited the dd in college.

Can someone tell me the status of the dd.

It would be appreciated.

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I have been waitlisted in nirma.And have send the dd amount 25000.yet the process for waitlist movement is to begin.I have secured admission in IMI so not looking to join Nirma.So can any seniors or someone guide as to what procedure one should follow to get the refund.

Thanks in advance.

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I got through in PGDM.
Looking forward to join IMI
Thanks IMI and seniors were really helpful.

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