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Ayush Bhalotia @ayushbhalotia
Was just seeing the summer placement report 2014.. *Out of 360 seats in core only 321 appeared for the summer placements..* :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Seniors kindly help.. what about the remaining 39 students or am i missing something here?? Link for the placeme...
Vipul Chawla @vipul_87

The strength of 2015 batch is 321. 360 seats were offered initially, but 39 students were expelled due to scam. The entire batch has been placed for their summer internships.

coco B @octane
> @Rakshit.Khanna > > Puys, > > I am really confused between NM and XIMB. XIMB has a batch size advantage (even with the 100 seats increase), but I believe that NM has a better brand and city advantage. However, for the city advantage, you are also bearing the additional hostel and living...
Vipul Chawla @vipul_87

Dear juniors.. lots of apprehensions going around for NM, just wanted to clear some air

when u are comparing 2 colleges, always decide ur criteria of comparison as it usually differs for everyone.. placements, ROI, faculty, alumni, senior talk, personal research, infrastructure, etc.

decide on wat are ur own priorities & then take the final call..

last yr when i was also in ur shoes, i went over the placement reports of all colleges in great detail, wat cos & roles they were offering.. a co like Amazon will go in IIM-A & even Amity, u have to find out the difference in roles & pkg urself..

also for me, NM scores very high due to its excellent location, high industry interaction & strong alumni base.

final word - reach out to ur seniors & passed out batches before making ur 10-18 lac investment

P.S. NM will be publishing final placement report soon on its website & u will get a list of our distinguished alumni during ur orientation week (some have already been shared in prev posts by ur friends)

fifa14 @Naman_G
Can anybody suggest a website to see profiles of NM Alumni ? Just wanna see how they are doing in their careers and industry perception of NM grads.. Already tried LinkdIn but didnt get much info
Vipul Chawla @vipul_87

We'll be sharing a list of some of our distinguished alumni during your orientation.

Some of our famous alumni are Ms Avani Davda, Ms Aruna Jayanthi, Mr Bhaskar Sharma, Mr Arijit Sarkar, Mr Rajesh Relan, Mr Shailesh Chaturvedi, Ms Seema Modi, Mr Vipul Suchdeva, Mr. Uday Sodhi, among others.

hi Ishmeet, will the institute open applications again after XAT results are declared?

Hi Can anyone check my result.?
I am getting incorrect registration id enterd. (tried on diff. browsers too)

Candidate Id : 55042482
DOB : 06 Sep 1987

I gave my exam on 2 Dec.

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Hi.. I had a eligibility query... some of the IITs say 60% OR CPI of 6.5 in BTech... now I have 67% in my BTech, but CPI is 6.2..
My university marksheet lists only the CPI, and I have to calculate my %age separately, it is not mentioned anywhere.. so would I be eligible or not.?

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Hello Puys,

The scenario is this. I've got around 90 percentile with my XAT score. Is it okay to go ahead and update my XAT score or is it better to update my CAT score only. Or if XAT and CAT are both updated, will SPJain look out for the better of the two. I'm a confused lot. Please can someone throw light.


I think its better to wait.. coz since CAT results are delayed... SP jain is bound to delay their last date for submission of CAT scores... many may have not taken XAT...

gud job..

Shaanu.. I need urgent help. I chose the online banking option, it took me to the payment portal and then I did all the banking steps. However, I got transaction error message, and the money was withdrawn from my account, when I checked. But its still not showing up on the SP Jain Admission page, where I logged in. What could be the problem? How can I verify if the money has reached SP Jain or not.? I did not recieve any acknowledgement mail or any reciept number.?

Please let me know asap.

Vipul Chawla

1: 22 tests, paper-pencil ones + online tests- some to be taken at home and others at their centres. Cost: Rs.2650.. if u r a repeater enrolled with TIME in the past, u'll get this for 2150 provided u show them ur TIME ID card.

no discounts for previous TIME students... poore paise de die :(
nd test series starting from 28 June... dats wat my nearest center says... coz acc to them... CAT to be held in Dec 09...
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