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Shivangi Narayan @Wengi
Charity begins at home; for MBA students at IIM Indore, it begins at the Library basement. The social sensitivity cell of IIM Indore, 'Pragat-I' is distributing more than 1,500 text books left by the Post Graduate Progra

would they be giving to BBA students too,coz we too have these subjects in our syllabus

i just finished Cosmos.I enjoyed it very much..people interested in space can move on..and try to relate it with with present would enjoy a lot..

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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
How do test strategies change when you have to read tough Reading Comprehension passages from a computer screen instead of paper? Here's a small tutorial that proposes a interesting approach to making sense of complex pa

That's a great apprecialble effort..thanks..

Hiii.I am Xavi from espanol..
I am doing my minor in bba from BBS
I have heard that MBa is gud from india..
So'have decided to do it from indiia..
was searching on the internet and found everything about mba on
Thanks to lol..
hope it would be fun to do it from india