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the thread for GD PI experience is up and running
so ppl go ahead an dpost ur xperiences..

all the best to ppl appearing for GD PIs

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now it depends on the relative perfomance (earlier i had a notion that i will get through straighaway)

anyway, lets hopes for the 'BEST'... to convert this (my only call)

my sincere advice to all fellowmates: please go back to your fundas: academics, academics and academics, nothing else...
all the best

dat was a decent interview and wish u all the best salman

a lill piece of advice to all

dont go to the interview with any preconceived notions and be prepared for surprises of all kind. panel can grill u on academics inpite of having 3-4 yrs of wrk ex

all the best ppl
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hey ppl

heres things abt me
10-81% wb board
12-70% wb board -62% cal univ

w.exp- 3.5 yrs

cat %ile- 99.35
di 99.61
qa 82
va 98

calls -iimk only (damn quants)
converted k

delighted to be going there


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mistakenly posted at wrong place :P


I'll start & hope you join in.


i know it sounds silly but what does "amp" stand for????:wow:

hi all
i am vinay agrwal from calcutta
a grad in 2002

got a sole call from iimk this yr
am delighted to be goin there

i ve been a reg visitor of pg
its a gr8 site
and been a gr8 help for me