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I was told to send the mail of cancellation application to by the lady at IMT Nagpur admissions office. Is it fine?

II Waitlist No. 722
What does II mean seniors?
What r my chances?
Do we have first waiting list also?
Confusion all around

Can anyone tell me that do we have any pharma & FMCG companies recruiting at the campus? I had call from PGDM (IB) and i m looking forward to it. Just concerned about the companies that might suit me bcoz i am from pharma background.

where did u get results from? where have they declared it?

Can anyone tell me the cut off for IB at which it got converted?
I had a decent GD and good PI.
CAT %tile is 83.37
Pharma background
What are chances of converting PGDM IB?

I am waitlisted
PGDM Bengaluru
Merit No : 669
What r my chances can any senior tell me?
What was condition in 2010 and 2011?

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How have the placements gone this season for the 2010-2012 batch? Can seniors let us know regarding the placements and whether it is 100 % or not?

Same question. What do they mean by student profile printout which we have to take there? where is it?

Can anyone let me know the results?
CAT : SR7510625
DOB : 23/06/1987
Please let me know the call and interview date?
I have been trying but some error is there.

What is the cut offs for PGDM and PGDM IB? The site not opening because of lot of load. Please let me know the cut offs?