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Hey Hii All,

Any1 from Mumbai need CAT material...TIME, IMS, Arun Sharma books and Time class material....PM me


double post

Hi seniors,

what kind of support/guidance is provided 2 ppl who want to get in2 entrepreneurship either after course or in long term
there is an EDF/elab in the coll for interested ppl helpin them wid idea evaluation, business plan generation and more. As seniors have always come up with real time examples to give better insight, expecting one more. :)


yeah Ganesh...lets meetup..come down to Mumbai

hey hii Mumbai folks,

we are planning to meet 2mrw. But so far strength is less. please try to get in touch with me. I will PM u my no. check that.

@deepika. already mailed u.

Requesting u guys to join facebook community:
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mpreshit Says
any one from mumbai???

Me there...

Me to coming Chennai....Any1 from Mumbai???

If true, then there is a lot of time...

I've got a score based call. But I just received an e-mail from asking me to update my CAT/XAT score on the website.

Has this e-mail been sent by mistake? I'm not sure what is going on. Has someone else also received this e-mail?

even I got the mail...i updated my scores long back...still :lookround:

Name: Vineshkumar Kunhiraman
XATID: 242223
Transaction Date: 24/12/2010
No. of Times: Twice

Mailed GIM 3 times, also tried calling. No reply so far.
Confirmed from bank (CC) that there is no refund so far.