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hi everyone

I am vineet from delhi will be joining IBS Hyderabad.All delhites are requested to be in touch through PM service.

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@ Wrath_Angel

I think one person has already posted about ur statements vaise for ur kind information i was talking about PG's Spirit which is no comparisons and not to comment derogatory statements for any institute better u go and simply click rules page of PG got it instead of suggessting me to click on groan or PM u m not that velli to post groan for u or to send PM.
some ppl think that they r very practical and others r emotional like u said senti So request to u do whatever u want to discuss ok.
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Hi to all PUYS who are here at this thread
There is a suggestion from my side and a request too I think u ppl r not aware about PG's rules comparisons are not allowed here it is a thread for the ppl who r willing to join and want to discuss about IBS for which Garfield is here by posting so useless posts whether IBS fee is too steep or not with Alliance or anyother clg is crap that all r personal wish plz plz dont discuss all that here
Though i request moderators if comparisons wont stop here then they should close this thread whether u want to join it or not how does that matter to anybody else and Garfield is not here for that but to help us out to know more about IBS Hyderabad
ppl who r not sure of joining IBS kindly refrain from posting all this its better u ppl talk through PM PG provides that facility and i request seniors who r here kindly pay attention to ppl who want to know about clg before joining it so that they can adjust there comfortably.
At last IBS has not forced u to join if u dnt want then leave ur seat there r many other deserving candidates who r willing to pay that fee which is according to u is too steep and ya more deserving than those who r discussing useless things.
I dnt have offence with anyone but i cant tolerate all this it is against the spirit of our own PG.
please seniors ignore all comparisons and we will be looking forward to u for help.

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Hi I am Vineet from Delhi got through IBS Hyderabad, have completed my B.Tech in ECE from DAV and will be joining IBS surely...........

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My PI was today and have got ICFAI- Hyd. Will join:D

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can anyone help me to answr question asked on global warming
1)What is India's reduction target as per the Kyoto protocol?


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thank God someone on 16th i have my mp/interview on 16 and from delhi

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hey buddy wats ur problem shoot_the_cat if satisfied_mind is telling that he has attempted 134 then wats ur problem plz refrain urself from giving any such derogatory statements no offence but plz dont give chance to moderators to block this thread


After all debacles & rejections i have no hopes from any exams still tried to attempt 128 with gud accuracy

hey could anyone tell me out of them who r not shortlisted like me that there is msg that ur roll no. is not in the list or anyother msg like noy shortlisted kindly clear this

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