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Do we have any CA or finance profiles who had been interviewed by ISB ad com. Normally I have observe techies in this forum.

So there are any finance guys who had been interviewed by ISB pls post your interview experiences.



GMAT 700, Work 5.5, CA 2003,

I got admit in R1.
My Interview was totally related to my industry - latest developments, business / market Strategy, competitor actions, etc. Reason for it (I guess) is that I have been working in a pharmaceutical company as financial analyst for past three years and accordingly written in my essays.
Apart from that they had asked me "Why MBA now?".
A friend of mine was asked about latest ICAI AS pronouncements and accounting updates. He is in accounting team. he was also asked about major challenges that are being faced by Pharma industry and some other industry related questions.
Well you can see , questions are dependent on how you have positioned yourself in the application - in your essays or other highlights that you have brought forth in application. Most of my friends have reported that atleast some questions related to your industry apart from questions related to their profiles and work -ex
My experience was amazing (actually grilling!!!!) and I enjoyed it a lot. The panel was very well aware of the industry and questioned me thoroughly on it.
1. Why MBA?
2. What is a generic company and what is their revenue model?
3. Why generics companies should undertake Innovative research (too costly yet 4. What you I do in due diligence in acquisitions
5. What three changes would I do in my company's strategy was the best.

As i recall I had given lot of examples for each answers including competitors facts

I have PMed you my number. Please call me incase you need more help

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Has anyone made online transfer to ISB (rupee payment)? What "payment details" are required to be filled in that case?

I am in too!!!!!!!!!!

U can now well imagine the lifestyle here.. Holidays (and that too regular govt holidays) is a thing of the past..!!!!!!


Looking forward to it :smile:
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Guru Nanak Jayati, my friend
nope... no loans availabel unless u have a nuclear family as Singapore PR or Citizen.. so virtually no hope...

a lot of my batchmates have got scholarship - of 25% tuition fee... which is a big relief

a couple of my batchmates have also got ADB scholarship i.e. full tuition fee and a fixed stipend as well...

I dint get any scholarship though


I have compiled an estimate of expenses

S Dollar
Fees 50,000

Rent 1,000
Utilities 100
Food 450
Transport 150
Telecomunication 30
Books & Stationary 100
Medical 200
Personal 200
Monthly 2,230
17 Months 37,910
Total 90,000

Is this a realistic estimate for 17 months??

Snip Snip...

Hi Jaimin,

I need some info on finances. Just did a rough calculation (mostly taking max estmates as given in brochure) - total cost comes to 91,310 Sing Dollar. that works out to 33 Lacs as per current year avg rate. Indian banks given only 20 lacs for foreign education (god knows why????? no university is that less costly).

Is there any funding source from singapore or any other source that i can tap for NUS mba??

Did you get a scholership? Is there any Indian without a scholership there? and how did they manage?

Your inputs will be really helpful!!!!!!!

I think I just got dinged :(

The interview went for about 35-40 minutes. I screwed up the estimation question big time. The actual answer was 100 times less than what I got. :(

There were questions about why MBA, what strategy planning is and finally what my free time hobbies are... not a single question about my essays! :frown:

Guess that's the end of the road for me.

ATB to everyone.

Profile: 11 years WE/700 GMAT/IT profile.

No questions on essays does not mean that your interview was bad. Most of the people here were asked no questions on their essays. As a matter of fact you had one of the longest interviews. I guess you had lot to share. :-P

Well, I have a sort of stupid question. The mail says that the documents have to be sent to "" >

But the mail is from so............... what address should i sent the mail. (with caps or without caps).
Dont want to get the mail bounced or send the same to wrong address