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Hi Guys ,
I am cancelling my SIBM admission as I have got thru IIM Indore.
Could anybody who has already done this , help me on how to go about the process

whom to adddres the cancellatuion letter to and how to get back the fees ?

Hi ... me too in the same boat ...will be joining IIM L.... i have asked one of the seniors to provide some info to me regarding this..... will PM u if i get anything significant and relevent....meanwhile if get any info do message me.:satisfie:

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Hi all !!!

Congrats for ur selection to one of the most coveted instis.

Me too got selected for the ABM course.

I have a work ex. of 21 months in HSBC S/W.
Seniors can u plzz tell whether my exp. in IT field be
considered during the time of placement or not ?


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hey congrats... do u hv any idea how are they giving preference with same score... i too got 108...may be its in d sequence of SNAP score...mine is 91.75...
keeping fingers crossed...

Dont worry Buddy .... i was selected in the first list .... but will be leaving my seat since i have an iim L call .
All the best !!:satisfie:
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mansi29 Says
Hey...I jus calld at MDI n th person who picked up th phone said...nt today by any chance..but this week definitely...uhh i guess kal IMT pe fees denhi padegi ab....

Too Bad ....anyway i have decided not to attend IMT's counselling.....can't spare 1 lakhs more ..... already paid 75k to Symbi ..... these insti's are playing with our hard earned money....:(
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Hi Guys!

A lot of stuff going on in this thread over the past week and i've been following them ever since they started; right from people accusing seniors of 'misinforming' them to the recent call for a 'PIL' :wow: against SPJ. Well, me not writing to validate any of the claims or vice-versa though i must say the elan with which the seniors have handled the 'bombardment' is commendable (except for the silence on the final 2nd round call issue).


I know this wait is frustrating, trust me, me waiting desperately too but i reckon it'll do us a lot of good to work on our patience rather than shooting off an instinctive angry post blaming SPJ for an entire gamut of issues.

All the best to all of us.......


Thanks Aishi .... i hope the picture is now clear to all of us.
Guys please dont be impatient ..... if the college is delaying its results then surely its because of some reason.....and not just to test ur patience.

Anyway .... all the best to puys !!!
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i have a convert from a nice B-skool and have given 75 k for securing admission. also i have a call from another skool which is better than the first one.
earlier i was thinking joining the first one and not letting my money go down the drain...but now i m thinking of joining the second one and allso getting my money back from the first.

Thanks for posting this stuff here.

Please give us a detailed procedure of how to do it and also the expenses incurred in doing so.

Thanks in advance.

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Congrats to all u guys who got a convert !!

I m not thru....cant understand the reason.... anyway nothing can be done now.

Hope will get a seat in some other b-skool....still hopeful.:satisfie:

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Mine is 324.
Preferences :

Not sure whether ill get FT.
Hopes still alive. :satisfie:

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Rakesh is right to an extent. The OBC quota thing is causing a minor delay here. The result-announcement might at the max go till friday, though it is as much likely to be announced even as early as tomorrow..

Keep fingers crossed.

Oh no .... this is a real dampner .... i am desperate for the results ... i hav paid money to antoher insti. for securing the admission and the last date for withdrawing is 28th ....i was told that the result will be out within a week of inerviews ..... but seems that it wont be.....i m doomed.
Impact team..... hope u understand my problem.
My hard earned money will be washed away due to this delay ...:( .
Totally disheartened.
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cooldivay Says
oh my god now wats this....... once they said results ready since four days now they saying will be uploaded tomorrow why so.....

Seriously Yaar .... instead of dilly-dallying and letting the aspirants speculate the result date why dont these institutes put up a date on the website and stick to it. .... hope they r professional enough.:satisfie:
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