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Does anyone knows if there is a list of books we can read before entering the program?

Hey Vincebest,

As of now it looks like 10% in advance and then 90% throughout the program.

Will let u know if it is otherwise.

But AUD 2000 is definitely out.


That seems more fair that way!
I think this new program is gonna be very good, less time studying and still internship and exchange program! They are doing a great job!
Just an update, the AUD 2000 is no longer being charged. Acceptance fee which now has to be paid will be adjusted against tuition. It will be 10% of tuition.

Hi Aggnikhil,

What do you mean by 10% of tuition instead of 2000 AUD? Does it mean that if my tuition is 75 000 AUD I will have to pay 7500 AUD and then 75 000 AUD ? Or we''l pay 10% in advance and then 90% throughout the program?
Hey Nikhil.
Any pointers on how to arrange funds?
The total cost should be around 90k AUD or about 100k USD in the worst case of no scholarship.
Indian banks will give around 40k loan.
Any other means??

Thanks for your support CoolAlways. What do you mean by total cost? 100k is a lot of money do you include accomodation and everything, because I saw it was around 67000 for MBS MBA?

Why did they decide to change the program duration?

So the september 2012 intake is not gonna be a 18 months program, but a 12 months with internship? is that correct?

No problem aggnikhil,
Well the school finally answered my email and said they will give me an answer this week (still waiting). I know they are busy but i sent my application early december and it's been more than 2 months ( instead of the 2 weeks we were told).
Some people who don't even care about the school get quick answer and other who cares don't, funny...

I hope the 18 months program won't be a 12 months in september, because I am really interested in internship.

The september full time MBA will not be a 12 months, it will still be 18 months i think.

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aggnikhil Says
yes more or less did you now get interview call because 2 of my friends got it.

Nope, unfortunatly nothing. I also sent an email to the manager who didn't even answer. Strange.
My status is still application received. does it need to change?
aggnikhil Says
that I will know once offer letter comes in Feb.

I think 1/5 received scolarships last year, from 25 to 100 % of fee.