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even i am thinkinghte same. I dont have idea about their placement and overall quality. as there are so many 600 's intake
IIT Kharagpur RTI on MHRM 2012 admission. Non dispaly of result on website. | RTI Anonymous
you can see the information of RTI obtained.
Information related to MERIT LIST, CAT SCORE, GD PI SCORE, WAIT LIST is mentioned in information.


The RTI I filed at IIT Kharagpur MHRM Reveals following facts:
1. I am given list of 48 candidates with complete details of marks they got.
2. Wait list contains only general category students, not OBC SC ST
3.Selected candidates (26), Wait listed (10), Not selected candidates (12)
4. Selection criterion for Gen category=75+
SC ST PH = 65+
these are there own scaled marks; which are total of CAT GD PI.
5. Candidates not selected due to not meeting the selection criterion in above no.4

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  • corrupt propf here.. 23 Apr '14.
  • why only of 48. 21 Jan '14.
Attilio Gatti Says
sir i am going to withdraw my seat and as i found that 16th is the last date when the 3rd list will be out i want to tender my application so that the next best guy gets the offer....can u pls provide me the mail-id by today so that i can mail the admissions office......thnxx in advance..!!

Where are you shifting? You said third list? Where are first 2 never displayed ! Unfortunately......

Test 2 MBA: 55
any chance?

nikhil sehgal1 Says
but still bro............dis is no way adressing sum1 at such a prestigious chair......u could hav chosen ur words wisely.

Yes I agree to some extent about what you said;I ll take care of it next time. And I shall also take care that I also follow proper grievances redress path i.e. instead of PG it should be AICTE. But yes your advise- NOTED. Thanks
Dear Vinay,

I know that this is a public forum and that anyone can say whatever they want to but there are still some rules in this forum.

I would request you to kindly provide us with the reasons for your statement and the reasons for making such a quote as it is meant to demean the college and its values .

Please provide proper reasons for your negative statements else action might be taken against you.

In case you fail to provide a justification i might just take this move and report your post to the mods at PG.

No objections meant but please choose your words with wisdom and in case you have something negative to say please provide a valid justification.

Thanks and Regards

1. List of names of candidates offered not not published as per AICTE rules.
2. There was no display of wait list on website as per AICTE directions
3. Asking of 30000 DD for being considered for movement of W/L is something that was not told to candidates while filling forms. its an extra financial transaction.
4. Not informing about such a 30000 DD involvement before hand while filling form is violation of Consumers law
My issue was only transparency and convenience of candidates !
Lastly you you yourself contemplate and tell if single point is wrong.I could not participate in admission process just because of DD rule and my 1600/- got wasted.

I feel BIMTECH Managment and Director you have epitomised what is called LACK OF TRANSPARENCY. Mere talking BIG things like Buisiness and professional Ethics dont work l show it in your work. You have also violated AICTE rules and to some extend Consumer protection act as well. Dear current students please convey this ....they should know what people out are discussing about them !

Any development studies aspirant there?
Seniors,can anybody let us know about expected cut offs for development studies or last year's cut off for the course?

each yr the cut off s will change
I m not sure but I had 52 marks for DS(cut off was in 40's), I got a call....I dint attend the PI this yr. Last yr I had attended. you can ask current students regarding the same. Its a nice course !

1. Will there be a W/L
2. Will MHRM fill all 50 seats?