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tanay123 Says
vinamrn you withdrawing from core?

yes...sorry...forgot to mention that
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There is a vacancy for 1 guy...Flat is in andheri sagar city society...2 km from college..registration of the flat is due on the 8th of of the flat is 26k. For more details contact :
Narasimha - 9909901340 or
Vivek - 9909901594

Withdrawing my admission too! WL moves by one more digit

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Can any puy, from Hyderabad, who converted their IIM C call this year under NCOBC quota please PM me? I have a doubt regarding the certificate heading.


yashwanth k Says
any one with 95%ile in OBC converted IIM lucknow???....pls reply

I'm in at 94.93%ile in OBC category... :grin:

Yay!! Can't believe I converted my IIM C call :)
Simply unbelievable...

This is insane.
I just got an email from NMIMS saying that they didn't receive my RTGS payment whereas I had already sent them the Inter-bank transfer receipts for the same on the same day. Did anyone face the same issue?

I was scared about the possiblity of such an occurrence, so I had contacted the accounts department on monday itself...They don't match the amount paid based on the RTGS Transaction ID (its called UTR ID it seems) nor on the basis of the NMAT ID you provide in the mail you send to They try to match the account holder's name and the student's name.
I paid money from my dad's account so obviously it wouldn't match my name :nono:

You can talk on the phone, but they'll still ask you to send all details in written format through email.

I sent account no, account holder's name, bank name etc. etc....every possible detail I could imagine and within 20 mins got a reply that my payment was received by them.

PM me if you need more info..
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UtsavGambhir Says
Bhai convert bhi kar liya?

lol...I think I was day dreaming when I wrote that
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Yay!! Selected...The most awaited call of this season..:biggrin:

anyone going to Mumbai on thursday to get their docs verified? Pls PM me..

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