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Breakfast in VKRV on a sunday morning is a bliss of another kind. Having chhole bhature (mummy, I am coming !!!!!) at 8:30 AM in the morning with only 1 or 2 people around you makes you love the silence of the mess (come at 2:00 PM someday to the mess and you would realise what I am talking about !!!!)

Life has kind of settled down for the juniors; the concoction of classes, GL's, society sessions etc is not liked much by people but then you dont have a choice but to gulp it down to the last drop ;)

As for us, we now have a complete working week ahead of us (the last 2 weeks had classes interspersed with holidays which made us.........) Weather is as fine as it can be in Delhi, however the spells of rain throw life out of gear. Hope the coming week brings something interesting !!!

Off for now, Take care


@ FMSites,

So happy to see people posting on the thread !!!! Finally,it looks the thread is gaining some traction :)

Life is going on 2 opposite planes for the juniors and the seniors (The juniors are always short of time; the seniors are always short of the things they want to do in their free time !!!!).

The Juniors are head over heels with their summer internship prep with ample support from the seniors. It is heartening to see the seniors tirelessly going through the junior's CV's, helping them with the interview questions, giving them valuable insights on the placement process etc etc

Things are going strong on the competition front too - The FMS team recently won the Deloiite's Maverick's North Zone - ATB to them for the finals !!!! ITC Interrobang's campus round is scheduled for tomorrow - They have eye popping prizes It is a pity that I can't even solve a marketing case study to save my life !!!!!!

Time to go. Take care


Hello PGites,

The session started today for both the batches. We had the induction for the junior batch yesterday and it did bring back memories of our own "sweet" induction !!!!

Our timetables this semester are somewhat scattered thanks to the various combination of compulsory and elective subjects; classes begin at 9 AM and end at 4 PM depending on the combo we have

As for me I have the first class of the semester tomorrow; looking forward to it !!!!

going for dinner now

Take care
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Hello PGites,

Time for another post !!!!

An year ago, at this time I was preparing to sleep in my room in VKRV. Tomorrow was to be a big day - we had our "induction" - a formal gathering of the entire Batch of 2013 with an address by the dean and other faculty members. The next day was a memorable one, right from the walk of ~25 VKRVians in formals from the hostel to the audi to the interaction with the seniors that day

Cut to the present times !!! Life is going at a very leisurely pace - sleep, lazying around and eating food - these are the activities which constitute much of my day now. Quite a welcome change from the busy days one has in college (exceptions are there too )

College starts in a week from now - have made grand plans for this year (hope some see the light of the day !!!)

Taking a leave now.

Till the next post, take care
Vikram Singh Kapany

He has to activate the stadium during IPL and build digital marketing strategy also.
He met gilchrist etc. guys as well and got lot of goddies after iternship as well.It came for the first time in any b-school.

It came only for the summer internship process. It can be classified under sports marketing and event management.
A top-notch MBA under $500 in these times is indeed commendable.
Many congrats!

BTW I saw that Kings XI Punjab had recruited from FMS. Really curious. Would appreciate if Satwinder/ some other senior could please tell me what profile they offered? (I'm hoping not a fast bowler!)

Kings XI Punjab hired for the "Marketing" profile

HI FMSites / Satwinder,

The internship has got over and an entire month lies ahead to unwind; you people have no idea how jealous the other interns were when they came to know about our 3 month holiday duration

ATB to the PPI getters (convert it into the PPO) and also to those who are awaiting the decision. For those who didnt get one, better things await you (i know it is a cliche but surprisingly it is true)

Internships have come to an end for a lot of us and for others they are gonna finish in this week. Trust me fellas - internship teaches you a lot be it the tangible learnings or the intangible learnings !!!!

@ New joinees - few pointers. I want to let you know of some things which might put you in good stead for the things to come

(1) You will be getting an assignment to do in a few days from now ( it is called the Pre Session Assignment (PSA) ) which you would have to submit by the first day of the term. This assignment will help you in understanding the basics of the various streams (finance/marketing/HR/consulting/Operations) in FMS and hence can be helpful

(2) In addition to the above, an online induction program was launched for us last year. In it competitions were launched by various societies which can be helpful if taken in the right spirit.

(3) CV's - Collect all the proofs for the points you want to put down in your resume's for the summer placements. Given the time you have before the session starts it will prove to be very beneficial for you considering the time crunch you will face when you are once in the college. Collecting proofs for CV points is one of the most tedious jobs in first semester; so the sooner you do it, the better for you !!!

(4) Look forward to your inboxes - you will be getting information from FMS with regards to the PSA, the online induction thing, a document from the student body listing down a lot of information for you, right from the different societies in place to the best eating joints around !!!!!

Finally, feel proud of yourself that you have made it past the gates of one of the finest colleges in a country which has 1.2 billion residents.

I live in Chandigarh. So, the chandigarh joinees let me know if you need some help

Till the next post, take care

Vikram Kapany


Hi everyone

Came back from the alum dinner right now....the dinner was kept to mark the induction of the 2012 batch in the Alum list

VKRV bears a somewhat deserted look - by monday evening it will be practically empty :(

One of the most important periods in one's MBA (summer internships) is about to start - for some it will start this monday itself !!!! My wishes to everyone for getting the best possible out of their internships (in other words - get that PPO)

Till next time, take care



Welcome back Satwinder :-)

1 more exam to go - day after tomorrow...the seniors will be free on 31st.....In the evening we have the formal induction of our seniors in the alum association followed by a dinner......We then become the official SENIORS !!!!! How quickly did the year go by ??????

few days from now all of us would have joined their summer internships and would be working real hard to get that coveted PPO - hope we get tons of them this time around

Take care


Hi everyone !!!!

Posting here after a long time ( a very long time rather !!!!!)......Was thinking of posting here after the exams but the love for pagalguy made me do it now only :-)

Our exams are going on - 4 down, 4 left ( all tough ones)....hope to clear all of them......It seems strange that few days from here on our seniors would have gone and we would be the SENIORS - waiting for the transition !!!!!

PS: Request to all other FMSites - please post here on a regular basis; Let us make this thread one of the most popular ones around :-)