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swastik24 Says
Why don't you ask the same question to the moderator....!!!!:sneaky::sneaky:

where can I find one?
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sab_farjee_hai Says
comparision of colleges are not allowed in PG

Why not.Why is everyone preaching the same cliche.Why is there a Pagalguy B-school ranking in the first place.
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vishalanand07 Says
Do go to the downloads section of the mbe website and download the placement brochure of the past year. We can't disclose any details about this year's placement until the official placement report comes(expected next month).

Could you at least tell if it is 100%.It would be really helpful.
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Skrillex Says
FYI this guy is just trolling around. Joined PG today only and just boasting this non sense everywhere, also one of the place he has has converted B as well. Idiot.:nono:

Moreover IIMA PGDM is not even out.
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waitlisted at 91..wats the last year's waitlist movement?

ankit91990 Says
In addition to that....28000 applications does not mean that all 28000 were called for GD/PIs........

This is really funny.Lame logic dude.think over it
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1)The Programs offered by IMT-Ghaziabad include Marketing (FULL TIME),Finance, DCP, HR,IT,IB.All the students who have been offered any of the above specializations would be considered for a change strictly on the basis of Merit.

2)We cannot guide you as to whether you would be able to get your desired specialisation. It depends on the no. of students in the 1st list who accept the offer.

3)We have never communicated that the amount of 50,000 which you have been asked to pay is non-refundable. Only a certain amount which is 1000(as per my know-how of the last years AICTE norms) would be deducted. At the same time, if you fail to deposit the sum of RS 50,000 by 2nd April, your offer stands cancel.

4)As and when we are being given the official Placement figures by the Placement committee for the 2012-2014 batch, we would surely put it up for you.

5)The fees for the 2012-2014 batch is clearly been mentioned in the prospectus which is 12,15000.So please do not get confused by any misleading figures being posted on this thread.

Nidhish GUpta
PGDM 2011-13 (Marketing)
Corporate Communications and Media Relations Committee

Dear Nidhish Sir
If I have understood you correct you mean to say that inorder to remain in the wait-list movement we must first confirm whatever offer we have been given.
You quoted the fee for all the programs as 1215000.Does it include DCP too?
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If i dont deposit the fee will I be considered for the main program at Ghaziabad?

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Didnt get thru..Congrats to all those who converted!!

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hello pys all speculation should be stopped by now.....
here is the news that is from ankit kukreza batch 2010-2012
list is coming on monday by 2 pm ....finger crossed:)

Hey are u the same guy who is so popular on the nmat thread