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I have to say..this is a brilliant reply and has done tons of good to my confidence to apply sooner rather than later!


Hey Sunandan,

I think the biggest boost for you must be to get a good GMAT score which must be above average for typical Indian IT applicants, and once that is clear, you need to thread down your story to connect your experiences with your short and long term goals.

Being said that, I must say that scholarships in US B-schools, specifically for similar looking profiles of Indian candidates, largely incline on your academic credentials and GMAT score. So, if you say that your acads are average, you have all the time to compensate that with an excellent GMAT score!

To answer you specifically, fees definitely is high in US, but most schools are also pretty generous in distributing financial aids. I, with a GMAT of 710 and normal profile, have been able to get ~$50k scholarship for 3 top 20 US schools, and $60K from another 3rd tier school, and if you ask me, I attribute all this to (in order of priority):

1) Decent GMAT score

2) Stellar and differentiating essays

3) Confidence in interview

4) Clear career growth plan and projecting the same in all components of my application (including connecting previous experiences)

5) Enthusiasm towards the school I am applying to

I also know people having exactly the same profile as mine but having higher GMAT getting a full scholarship from schools I have been admitted to. But at the same time, they all wrote superb essays, and we worked through each roadblock to pave our way forward.

I'd definitely say that you should never ever be discouraged by high fees at US B-schools and rather try to focus on getting a good GMAT and write a stellar application, and I am sure you will get what you want..Good Luck...



P.S.: You can PM me for any specific queries regarding my profile, schools, and decisions that you may have

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Can someone plz chk mine?

Thanks in advance

Ankie Says
From this year onwards, SBI has raised the upper limit for the loan amount for IIFT students to 15L without any collateral. These details are still not on the site but was confirmed by a fellow IIFT convert (who is an SBI employee) on the FB group of IIFT 2012-14 Converts.

Thanks buddy..I guess I missed that post!

Hi everyone

I had a query regarding the loan application. As the fees this year has increased significantly compared to last year, some of us will face difficulty in arranging the excess money. Has anyone requested or discussed the possibility of an increase in maximum loan amount without collateral from any of the lenders (SBI, Credila etc)??

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yaar when is the official placement report coming??

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seen this alrdy...

I wanted to check the student profiles of batch of 2011-13 but can't find it on the official website. Can anyone provide me with the link if it is available online?

lava22 Says
GMAT is changing its pattern from june 2nd. any idea about the new pattern and the kind of prep required for it?

according to the official website of GMAC, there is only a section change in AWA, and nothing in scoring sections. So, the preparation remains the same, except for the AWA, which can be easily managed.

More information is available here
The Next Generation GMAT
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I also got a cal from Credila.
The interest rate they are offering for IIFT is 12.95%.
Any idea about SBI??

Also, they too are not asking for any collateral.

As far as I know, SBI has recently slashed their scholar loan interest rate by 1 percent and it is now somewhere close to 11.75...the only issue which comes with a PSU bank is the long processing if you want your initial deposit of 2.5 Lac to be recovered early, you can go for Credila as they take only around a week or so to sanction the loan.
Hi Vishal,

Regarding the placement process for ppl who have high work ex(3-4+ years) are picked up at a higher package and sometimes are given one post higher thn the other guys(this is usually the case in IT). For example Cognizant picks up ppl at a different level if you have around 5+ years of work ex. Well it totally depends from company to company too!

There were not more thn 15-20 ppl who had more than 3 years of work ex in 2010-2012 batch(PGPM, IM, HR). (I myself had 44 months of work ex at the time of joining MDI). Anyway, I think its better if you PM me with your exact queries or you can post them here too.


Hi Raj

Can you throw some light on the profiles offered by finance companies? were there any front end roles on offer? which finance companies recruited and how was the scenario this year? thanks in advance.:)