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I have CL and IMS material. Anyone based out of Delhi can contact me before the end of this month. Cheers

Hey i had sent a mail 10 days back stating that i want to withdraw my admissions. Till now dint get any reply.

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Thanks Naga. Yes.

I wanted to post the interview experience but no time for the past few days. Finally a big convert. Couldnt get MBA programme though . Waitlisted 95 in that, no chances as last year it moved till 30+ only.

Now got to do some serious analysis on the MS programme on what is it really and how are the actual placements for freshers (6 months is equivalent to nothing i guess ).

If anyone knows in detail about what is the difference between MBA and MBA MS programmes and their placements, please let me know. I know its a little too much to analyse FMS, but hey, we all do an MBA only once in our life time. Lets do the best programme possible. Wat say? :cheerio:

Thanks to the PG chennai team. Had a great time with u. Hope to meet you all soon in the next meet .

mba ms cnverts
1. aastha chawla nt clr in pic
7. deepta raghunathan
8.dhawal san
cngrats to those who r thru :)
P.S. srry fr ne spelling mistakes...

Thanks a lot man. U made my wait worth it. Thank u so much.

22372.. Vijay Narayen.. please...

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i am not able to view the files. HELP

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can u plz plz plz check 22372... Vijay Narayen

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Hi guys,

I converted IRMA My first ever call.. First ever convert. But i am not sure if i ll join.

Guys.. this is awesome news...
as far as i know, they havent mentioned it earlier that a flat 70% cutoff will be done..
We can go ahead and term it as cheating...

What say Puys ??

Puys we need to understand something. The criteria to have min 70% in school is actually good. Cos last year people who had got even 99.6%le in CAT with sectionals above 95%le dint get a call from IIMA because they considered school scores. So a criteria used like this fine. But they must lower it and mention it in the brochure priorly. like min 65%le and decision based only on cat scores. Infact all IIMs must mention their admission criteria well before CAT so that people will atleast not have any false hopes.
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i dont think scrapping of test can be ruled out completely.. ya it is improbable.. highly.. but still its not impossible.. if admissions have not been done then there are chances still..

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