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Bharthi Raj @bharthi_22
@vijaygovind Hi Vijay I got a call from CEIBS for an interview. Have been going through your posts for a whle. Thought if you could let me know whether I could speak to you someday before my interview. Regards Bharthi
Vijay Govind @vijaygovind

Hi, Sorry for the delay in response. I don't see PG that often. Please email me directly at or call me on +86 158 0093 0053.

@koolguitarist Tested by the school at level 3... Planning HSK4 in March / Apr 2013
@koolguitarist I take Chinese classes at school... Plus self study. Next term planning on an intense advanced course.
@koolguitarist Congrats Saurabh, Sad to hear that you will be going to CUHK. All the best to you.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Be ready to ask two or three really good questions.

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@koolguitarist Usually a senior professor and a MBA admission consultant.
@koolguitarist cool, all the best for the interview.
@koolguitarist I would strongly recommend all the applicants who applied to follow up with the admissions office to ensure that the application material is received on time. Speaking mandarin is advantageous, but is not the only criteria for the admission call (this will give you some edge amongst international applicants should everything else be the same).

During the interview they ask you about mandarin skills to know how serious you are about studying in China. Most of the Indians didn't speak Mandarin when they got admission to CEIBS, so this is not exactly a major criteria for admission. It's mandatory to learn Mandarin, after you get admission in CEIBS (School arranges for a pre-course - this optional paid course - and then a subsequent free Mandarin course).

@reviliant 692 is the average... GMAT is only one factor. There are people in our batch with scores of even 600 as well.