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well i am a graduate from Calcutta University and had done my graduation in 2008. Have also passed CA Inter along with CFA Level 3. But work ex is nil . And yeah i have not tried going to any job consulting company in person. Till now just applying through job portals and uploading CV online. Some people have said that i should try in Mumbai by contacting job consulting companies there. But i am preparing for MBA also this year so will try to go there after CAT .

And just to inform you by just being CFA Chartholders or clearing 3 levels of CFA is not going to hand you your dream job (atleast in India) but in the long run and after you reach senior level ( say associate in IB ), if you are a CFA it adds to your credibility and would be proof of your professional integrity to your clients, colleague and employers. And moreover the knowledge gain is uncomparable. Hope i made your doubts clear.

As u are an inter CA and must be doing your articleship that is for 3 years before you can give your final ca exams and thus would gain some experience and with cfa charter i am sure you would get the job you want..Patience maybe..all d best anyways..

does anybody know how is the material from allen resources?anyone using it?

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sagarkhatri Says
dude MMS is of no value if its done from a lesser known college, it will not provide you good placements if that is what you r looking for. Pgdm from a better ranked college is preferable than mms from a lower ranked coll. Its also a known fact that pgdm ppl get first preference and bettr avg pay packages as compared to mms people in case of mid ranked colleges like sies,chetana,MET,dalmiya etc.chetana is of a different league altogethr there is no point in comparing it with alkesh.

not at all true...specially for some of the good colleges you have named here...both are treated equally as far as i know...and personally i and many oders wud prefer a mms degree over pgdm...depends from person to person...

hey could somebody check frm dte site the provisional vacany in welingkar under provosional vacany after cap1...hw mny seats vacant??not able to view...thnx...

swaps14 Says
hey dude i have taken admission in MMS konkani minority....I have already sent a request to join the community on facebook...Can u plz accept my add request?

hey you have been added in the group congrats and welcome to SIESCOMS....
shrey87 Says
i hav answered on d welingkar thread buddy..

dude asking about the university category rank nt the state rank which is visible to all...anyboby knows the category rank of welingkar mms score 168??

hey puys as other colleges are taking extra fees for other things like internet,wifi,university fees any idea if we hve to pay anythng extra i mean they have yet not told us anything about it...will everything be included in 148500....has anyone enquired??....

SIES CAP seats: 17

Dalmia CAP seats: 59

PUMBA CAP seats: 180

no price for guessing why cutoffs for SIES will be higher.

I feel there is no strict 4th, 5th rank college. There is no authentic ranking system, also.
To a large extent Welinkar, Dalmia, SIES, PUMBA comes in the same bracket. It depends which stream, location, etc candidate is looking.

No offence meant to anyone :)

ya i agree with you but the person whom this reply was meant to said that this year siescoms cutoff is higher than met chetna had to tell him that it was always that way...maybe he was unaware of siescoms as a good college...neways yaa i totally agree with you all the colleges you mentioned are actually fallinf under the same bracket but definitely not met chetana as that person had mentioned in his post so the post by offence meant to anyone...cheers
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crawwww Says
yes I think u can easily get dalmia coz many who have applied via cap have also applied via minority so they will not got thru the process of cancelling admission and resubmitting docs at this stage. hence they will forfeit their seats in cap and u have a good chance to get a seat

dude sorry could nt get that post of yours where u mentioned abt siescoms cutoff being higher than met chetna pumba...guess u new to mba mumbai siescoms is the 5th best school under cet after welingkar and frm past mny years its been that way...dude if u dnt hve ne info plzzzz dont post a kind request....frm past mny years siescoms cutoff is after welingkar and before oder colleges u mentioned....last yr cutoffs siescoms-164 dalmia161... met and chetanas in higher 150s....
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nonentity412 Says
Got through JBIMS as expected.........

cap round 1 cutoffs....
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