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Deepika Lamba Says
Hi..I am also selected in SBI PO, presently working in syndicate bank as bank does not issue the time of interview i hv given undertaking to SBI..will sbi consider me now if i will give resignation in syndicate bank..wht should i do??

well shouldnt be a big to d hr dept...dey will help u out...tell dem abt ur prob ...dey will sort it..
soothsayer123 Says
Bro can you please clarify my doubt regarding the venue of the medicals..........will the medicals be held in the respective LHO's or elsewhere (zonal offices) ???

bro u will be contacted by ur respective lho for undergoing medical...u can avail it anywhere in any lho...but u will have to take permission from d lho to which u have been alloted....
Hi Saurabh!
Can u plz tell me within how many days can we expect any formal response from SBI (Mail /sms / letter) regarding our selection, considering the fact that results were declared on 18th Feb. Also, when would we be expected to join SBI (time lag between date of declaration of result & date of joining) ?
Thanks in advance

hi bro..see rt now circle allotment would be on d way..i mean towhich circle how many po's should be alloted nd who should be alloted...i guess within next 7 to 14 dayz u all should be knowing it,but m nt sure abt d hr dept of d circle.or go and personally visit d lho..
see last year our final result was out on 28th dec 2010 nd nd got our joining on 1 st march.2011...but i firmly beleive your joining date would be before 31st march...nd ya der would also be a medical test in between....u all should be getting d letter/mail for medical very soon.:clap:
DeathForce Says
Hi victorian... Are u in sbi.. Th wat iur posting n wats ur compensation in hand permonth n yearly... Do we actually gt all these benefits.. N wat are the chances of getting home posting??

hi ...
m a sbi po of 2010 batch...
ur salary would vary hugely depending on place of posting...u can claim each of d perks/benefits mentioned above...
ok my take home salary is being 30000 perks of almost 6000 per month...i dont avail a leased accomondation..coz i stay in bank guest house...but most of ma frens actually avail it....hope it helps

saurabh kumar
po-2010 batch...
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why only SBI gives the initial increments and not others even not sbi assoc??
Aisa kya khaas hai sbi me jo other bank to chhodo assoc me bhi nahi hai jabki selection procedure and all other things are same??

Tough to answer....but 4 sure i lyk it..
may be its india's largest bank so standing upto reputationn....seriously no clue buddyyy..............

BASIC 16900
DA 63%
Nd yes u can either avail HRA or Leased accomondation...
petrol-40/45/50 for 2 wheeler
-50/55/60 lts for 4 wheelers
newspaper -Rs 450 pm
furniture Cleansing-Rs 750 pm
casual labour Rs 13 /day.
entertainment-Rs 7000 annually ..
Tea cofee -2000 annually
furniture Maintainance /Repair-9000 anually
mobile for a block of three years -Rs 5000(after 1 yr of probation)
mobile recharge-Rs 500 per month(after 1 yr of probation)
Furniture -90,000 plus vat @ 13.5 % (For a block of 10 years)...
free medical for you nd upto 75% for dependent....lots of other benefitswhich would be hard to explain over here.......

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abbybalooni Says
Bro i have the same dilemma. I was also preparing for MBA and have calls from IMT,MDI and IMI. I am pretty sure i'll convert at least one so not sure wht path to take selected (as per the uploaded file). Although, I have not heard anything from any body until now..Is it normal..??? And I have a dilemma about the Salary Structure (everything that we can get as a PO)....Seniors, Please shed some light on the same???

Also, I need some serious guidance...!! I was preparing for MBA and have a converted call from SIBM Pune. What according to you (anyone who answers this ) should I choose?? Also, what are the "Other internal Bank exams" that people keep stating while discussing Growth/Promotion in the bank? And when can one start with these papers ???

Bro ...go for sibm pune as i thoroughly beliv its 1 of d best in biznes whn it comes to MBA...many people in our batch (po 2010) may actualy go for mba now.nd sibm is indeed a top class b school...
D only reason i see u opting out of it is if is u hav bigger aim lyk gaining work ex nd den hit d bulls eye(iim's)...odr wys it should b a pretty straight forward decision...any odr query send me a pvt message..
Hi Puys,

i have a query for our seniors. How long does it take for the final result to come out after the gd/pi round?


results are out i gues.....
COngratulations to all dos who got selected.........:cheers::cheers:
So here we go...... Are u ready?
Well for scale 2 u need to score more than 75% in confirmation test and u will be eligible to attend gd/pi and after that you will be scale 2.
Those scoring below 75 and above 50% will be confirmed as scale 1
Bring it on SBI:drinking::drinking::drinking::drinking::drinking:


hi guys...
just came to knw dat sbi is out with 1000 odd vaccancies,so knew dat enthu level on dis thread would be high,so thot of visiting last post was on 13th april ..(ram navmi) on pg 3 and i m d same guy who did share his exp of sbi.
coming back to quote....well indeed if u scr 75% in confirmation test u will b eligible for scale 2..
5 days earlier conformation result of po 2009 batch was declared.600/2200 hv been called for scale 2 gd pi and by luk of things and shortage in scale 2 at least 500 will definitely make it ....i wont be surprised if in fact all 600 guys mk it to scale 2...
we po 2010 are batch of 3700 odd guys,and i belive atleast 1000 guys should make it to sc 2 on conformation(provided we scr abv 75%):drinking::drinking:.
will try to provide regular updates about promotion schemes and odr necessary stuffs..
CHEERS to U all mates And PG...
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Hello puys....
well posting after a long long time on this po forum....
well i am saurabh kumar working as a probationary officer in State bank oF India .presently i am posted in orissa.Well just wanted to share about life@sbi as a po(may be odr banks po too hv d same life) since i hv been inspired by many odr fellow puys on dis thread to contribute thru own expeirence here i go....

AFter all d speculations going around about posting and joining date, I JOINED SBI on 1 march 2011 at LHO bhubanesawr.From there we had to move to our place of posting..most of the guys, in fact all d guys got posting in semiurban branches,i got posting at Koraput a place nearby orisa,AP boarder.
Reached koraput on 3rd and joined the bank OFFicially also on 3rd.Our chief manager made arrangement for our accomodation in a room below the branch itself and the best thing is its free....
Now from very next day onwards we were made to do some odd pending jobs.after a week i went on to learn how to make drafts /clearing ,new acc opening etc(des r d basic things which u got to knw ,although being an officer ..chances of actually sitting as a single window operator is negligible.).we work from 9 in the morning till 7 in the evening.

My first branch Traning stated from 21 st march till 2 nd april at SBLC bhubaneswar.Its a type of introductory course of 14 days ,where we were made familiar with basics of banking. It was very hectic ,classes started from 9 30 in the morning and ended at 8 in the evening.Every day we had guest lectures from CGM/DGM/AGm etc.Personnaly i could not gain a lot from this course because i was totally new to banking sector and 21 ot of 24 participants had already worked as po/clerks earlier the traning was more of a discussin between dem and teachers,rather dan a learning process.(actually some of d guys were bttr dan some of d instructors).At sblc we had 3 type of competition among us i.e -book review ,public speaking and exit test(an unofficial test of what you have gained from the traning process).

In the mean time on 24th march we got our first salary...most of d guys were expecting it to be above 25000,but sbi had odr plans for us...most of d guys in orissa circle got RS 21915 as nET and gross beinG some 26k odd.As far as i am concerned i was a bit lucky to have been posted in a project area so i got a Net salary of Rs 23217(first salary of my life)net being almost 28 k.Now the main reason why we got salary below expectaion is because of DEDUCTION FOR NEw pension scheme.well 10% of BASIC + DA is being deducted which is almost 2600.although i am not sure but i guess AVAILING NPS is optional.
details of salary
basic 16900
da 8441(approx)
i got hra as 7.5 % of basic,nd few other extra allowance such as CCA,project area allowance for being posted in industrial area.
Well the various deductions made from our salary were
10% of basic for pf
10% of basic +da for NPS(most probably its optional n i guess only SBI has d option of availing both pension and contributory PF though again i am not ure about other banks.)
RS 200 proffesional tax
Rs 100 for union fee..
MInd it guys no income tax has been deducted as yet...
WEll to sooth your nerves these does not contain the extra allowances like petrol ,newspaer ,cleansing,daily labour etc.
so overall my take home salary after adding all the allowances is approx 28k.(IF you dont avail the NPS your salary can go past 30k ).
please note salary will varry from place of posting and Also the CIRCLE OF POSTING.
And yes the best part yesterday i received Rs 1 lac(RS 90k+vat) for buying furniture.Apart from des we will be having lots of institutional traning where we get RS 150 per day as daily expense .
so overall i can say there is no reason why we cant say that BANKING is a lucrative job.
COming back to the traning aspect..this is the place where you will get a network of frends who will last for life time coz its proffesional circle.
Traning is over and i am back to my branch and eagerly waiting for next traning .since during the probabtion period we have a lot of transfer ,my next transfer will be in july.
SO DATS IT from my side...just wanted to share my experience of 42 odd days as a po nd wht bttr place odr dan PG...........
If you all have any doubt plzz lett me knw me.
IN d end wishing you all a VERRY HAPPY RAM NAVMI and i wish dat each of the aspirants in dis thread will be a po by d time this thread closes..

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