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Venkatesh Ramanathan @Venk29
I Attached self attested photocopy of my OBC certificate with the CV form. Will it be an issue?
Vikram Dhillon @vickydterrible

I guess it would not be, Narendra Modi himself is endorsing it

Puys from delhi.. want to prepare together for GD/PI??
catiim wow @catiimwow
Each Time a palyer hits the bulls eye in the dart game, he gets 2% of discount. Each succesive time, he hits the bulls eye, he gets additional 2% of discount. The game ends when he does not hit the bulls eye in the particular effort. 50 successive discounts are obtained by the player. what is the...

Calls: IIFT, New IIMs, IIT Kgp 
ambitious violet @ambitiousviolet
If n is any odd number greater than 1, then n(n^2 – 1) is always divisible by (A) 6 (B)24 (C) 48 (D) None of these [CAT 1996] explain why
Vikram Dhillon @vickydterrible
ashutosh7327 u forgot to multiply by n or 3 in this case...
ItsIIM @Sumantkrawat
some birds settled on the branches of a tree.First ,they sat one to a branch and there was one bird too many.Next they sat two to a branch and there was one branch too many.How many branches were there?
Ravi Handa @ravihanda
_*Editors note:* This article contains a lot of mathematical equations, which due to the limitations of HTML have been depicted as images. If you are able to view the equations, all is well. If not, please make sure your
Vikram Dhillon @vickydterrible

"A very common mistake that students tend to make while using the Eulers Theorem to solve questions is that they forget that M and N have to be co-prime to each other. There is another set of students (such as I in college) who dont even understand what to do with the theorem or how to use it to solve questions. Let us look at couple of examples in which Eulers Theorem is used."
Loved dis part, can relate to it

Hi all
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Calls: IIFT, New IIMs, IIT Kgp 

240 out of 450 will get u 95 percentile

Calls: IIFT, New IIMs, IIT Kgp 

can sm1 please check my result, plzz

Calls: IIFT, New IIMs, IIT Kgp