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Guys After initially being waitlisted, Iam admitted.Extremely happy...Waited for this moment for more than a year....
vaibhav sharma @vibhucse
@ashwin5619 Conditions change every year, class before us got GA that was considerably less in amount than us, and they had different conditions mentioned in offer letters! You should go ahead and talk to admission committee. Trust me, they feel more than happy to help you out. Keep one thing in mind, School wants the best of the breed to come in.

Congratulation to all who have got interview invites.

But the battle is only half won, I will say less than half. Now you will be competing against best of best. Many of them may have more experience than you, many may have better communication skills, and many may have higher score than you. But, they don't have what you have. Remember, you are unique. So try to project the same in your " Tell me something about you" question.
A strong interview start will enhance your chances of selection by great odds.
Keep smiling and keep rocking!
  • Extremely encouraging post Vibhav...Thanks. 09 Oct '13.
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Extremely encouraging post Vibhav...Thanks

Just some information related to last week at W.P.Carey School of Business:

What a busy week! 5 information sessions, 10 employers, 25 interview schedules, 151 individual interviews.

Companies involved : Amazon, Apple, Johnson& Johnson, Intel, Raytheon, Chevron, BP, American Airlines, Nationwide, Polyone.

  • @vibhucse that's great news bro !!! :smiley:. 07 Oct '13.
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@vibhucse that's great news bro !!!

Hello Prospective IIMers from Mumbai!!
I have CAT preparation material ( TIMES and IMS), which I want to sell now after the successful finish of my Bschool journey.
Below are the prices:
TIMES : Rs 800 ( Includes Cue Cards)
IMS : Rs 750 ( Word list is missing)

Please arrange the pick up from my place or shipping charges will be applied.
Please contact me only if you are from Mumbai or Navi Mumbai. My contact number is 9920742771.


Count me in the community!!!
@ Kemeo & Joinashish: Congos!! Party time

Hi Kunal,
My profile is as below:
GMAT : 690
Wex: 4 Years as SAP BI consultant
EC: Excellent
Academics : Good

But, I never understand why people ask for profiles from selected candidates. This is just a fragment of my application and can no where give you an idea about my career goals and strategy. To be precise, I will recommend everybody to be confident about his/her abilities a and have unique admission strategy to taste the success.

All the Best!!
Wish you success and look forward to meet you at Katz!!!

I received the Admission offer today!! Very Happy in My Heart!!
I will like to thank Akshay for all his efforts put in this forum. This forum really helped me in my preparation for interview!!
@ Akshay : Looking forward to meet you personally soon.

I had my interview last night. There were two members, one from adcom and the other a 2nd year student.
They were extremely friendly and were always smiling and listening to every word I said. On the website it was mentioned that interview will last for around 45 mins, but in my case it lasted for 28 mins only . Either they liked me a lot or I think they made up their mind to Ding!!!
They read a case study for me, which was fairly simple. The questions asked were general interview questions and at the end they provided an opportunity to ask any question that I have in mind.
Wish you all good luck for your interviews.

Hello Akshay,
I have been silently following this thread. Your details about Katz inspired me to apply for MBA/MIS.
I have received an interview call from Katz and I am extremely glad about it. But there are few things that still itch in my mind, and I hope you can alleviate that itch with your mentoring answers.
1) I have applied for MBA/MIS, can I later drop the MIS part later?
2) You have named few very reputed firms that recruit at Katz, but may I know the roles that are offered for Katz students?
3) Most important one: What are the things that I should Highlight during my interview so as to secure an admission decision and probably a Biiiigggg scholarship?
4) While selecting interview date i could see various programs, but couldn't find MBA/MIS. Is MBA/MIS covered under MBA-JD?

Few details about my profile:
B.Tech: 68%
Work Ex: 3.5 Years as SAP BI consultant + 1 Year as IT analyst.

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