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CAT: OA-93.98, QA-88.53, VA-95.15
Category: Gen
GDPI date: 12th March..

Hi richa i have got a call from iit madras but i am at the bottom of the pyramid that is exactly 94 percentile
i want to know what is the weightage of cat score in overall selection and what type of questions are normally asked in pi and what types of gt are given thanks is advance

HI can you please share your overall scaled score (not percentile).
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Didn't make it.. cleared the sectionals but missed OA by just a meagre .02 percentile..:banghead::banghead:
Wat a sad day..
Could've at least considered it.. .02 percentile would not even be a diff of 1 mark.. had a decent profile.. but alas..:shock::shock:

@Arnab: can anything be done for this?

You mean if they have rounded off 93.98 or something to 94 by mistake on website? :p

I guess Arnab's gonna say a no mate. :

My case similar to yours:
OA:93.79 | QA&DI;: 91.xx VA&LR;: 91.xx :banghead:

Feel sorry for you mate. I hope you have some other nice calls. Go grab a drink somewhere. :cheers:

Are yaar otherwise i would miss by jst .02 %ile.:banghead: But anyways i am going to keep a little hope till tomorrow morning. lets see wat happens.

Hi seniors could you please clarify about me:
Below is my cat score
QA: 88.52
Am i going to get a call, bcoz website says OA cutoff is 94. Please let me know. This call is too important for me.

My profile is as below:
CAT %ile -- 93.98
B.Tech Civil -- 7.385
12th -- 64.6
10th -- 83.16
Work ex-- 41 months IT exp as of Jan 2012

Can you please tell me if i am eligible to fill the form? Can I round off my 12th to 65% as the site says that 65 % is reqd to fill the form.

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
_Picture from the FMS website_ Students and faculty of the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) took out a silent march to the Vice-Chancellor's (Delhi University) office earlier today to protest against the cancell
Vivek Gaur @vgvirus

@anandgupta1122: BTW who is author of that article?? just an MBA aspirant like us but wasting his time doing unnecessary research when he should study. Then next year we will again see some ridiculous articles like that!!! Bro study when it still is time instead of wasting ur time on useless stuff.

It should be 6 zeroes.

10! has 2 zeroes.
Rest 3 will have more than 2 zeroes, and none have a non-zero number at hundreds digit which could give a 3rd zero.

Now, 15! has 3 zeroes. Similarly, rest have more than 3 zeroes and none have a non-zero number at thousands digit to give a 4th zero.

So, (2 zeroes)^(3 zeroes) = 6 zeroes. Answer kya hai bhai ?

arey... even (2 zeroes) ^(non zero number) will give you more zeroes.. So why are you counting just the number of zeroes in power..
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Intehaan ho gayi intezaar ki...
aayi na kuch khabar waitlist ki..
ye hume hai yakeen, bewafa SCMHRD nahi...
fir wajah kya hui intejaar ki !!!!


Verbal Ability : 92.96
Quantitative Ability : 95.07
Reasoning & Decision Making Ability : 11.46 :shocked::shocked:
Total Percentile : 85.24

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