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Congrats to all the call getters.

Yeah start shooting ur queries and we ll help you ppl.

Last year we had to fill a form. I guess it will reach you in another week or so. It was abt 4 pages long and had questions like academic details, achievements etc. Make sure you ppl fill them up with utmost care, dedicate sufficient time for that.

Next in the process will be the GD/PI, last year we had a case to discuss and we were given some 12-15 mins to discuss it. Then we had to give a written summary of the discussion and were given 5 mins for it.

PI will normally be based on acads, workex, hobbies, Current affairs and achievements.

And when the siddoobas and the chabbras of the world sleep in peace, I slog in desperation to salvage a C :(

Open book exams are shit tricky

Thus spoke the_phantom.

Phantom has now come back strongly and is smashing quizzes with ease these days.
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Happy bday classmate, ex-roomie.
We had a great time here ppl.

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Hey Anirban,

Happy returns of the day.
This year will be a special one as you will rock "A"
Wishing a great year ahead to a special puy:happybday::happybday:

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Hi Puys,

Got thro finance and paid the initial 2.85L but will not be joining as i have converted my lone IIM -I call.
Thanks seniors for all the help provided
One last query has anyone applied for the fee refund?
Is the last date for fee refund may 20 rite?

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Name:Ganesen V.

10th:86.82%(Tamil Nade Matric)
12th:95.92%(Tamil nadu State Board)

B.E(CSE):8.56/10(PSG College of Technology,Coimbatore)

10 months work ex @ Philips Electronics India Ltd.

Cat Score:99.28%(QA-87.9%,DI-99.6%,VA-97.97%)

Single I Call

GD:Above average,summary:Good,Pi:Very good

My take on the personal interview part, for ppl below 2 yrs of work ex it is mandatory that you prepare your acads well.
My PI started with Acads from B.E specialization then moved on the managerial subjects i had then i was questioned on the technical papers then on general issues


Converted my lone IIM call.

Will be joining Indore for sure

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I know this has been discussed b4 and some solutions/answers debated..
But i still haven understood it in clear terms,,
Could some1 pls explain how/wat will the effect of OBC quota on instt like IIM-I etc which are increasing their seats... will they do this seat increase with/without the OBC quota..i.e. to say that instt like these will have more than the declared number of seats or will the seat increase from last yr accomadate the OBC reservation...
For Example:
IIM- I(i know about this only) increased its seats from 180 to 240..
will the general seats be 50.5% of 240 or will it b 50.5 % of 180 + some extra seats for general that come with OBC quota..

I hope my query is clear!!! Pls reply if some1 knows.....:)

Hi i ll answer your query with the knowledge i have
First of all IIM-I is gonna implement only 4% in the first year of the phased implementation
Orientation course at IIMs may stretch longer - National News News MSN India - News
It is given in the last line of the source

Apart from these 4% we know that 22.5% are other reservations.
So 73.5% of the seats will come under General Category.
So it will 73.5/100*240 which comes to 176 seats
So In Indore 176 seats will come under general category.

If my interpretation is wrong please do correct me
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Hey just now saw a flash news in NDTV

It says "IIM-Ahmedabad admissions open from May 1st"
and "CAT to go online from 2009"

I am not sure whether the news is still being flashed and do not groan at me if it is still not on.

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The whole country wishes that he gets younger with each birthday but alas sad that things aren't that way.

May you continue to enthrall and entertain us for all eternity.

Cricinfo says "IPL fans are quickly becoming one-eyed, like every good home crowd should be. The sole exception was when Sachin Tendulkar was spotted on TV, talking to the commentators. God, after all, transcends parochial boundaries."

Wishing you a long cricketing career.

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