• venugopal
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Seniors is there a 9th Waiting list put in the institution Notice board.

seniors plz post if there is any merit list for pgdm general???

sandhya2688 Says
wat was the cut-off for 2011

CAT and XAT -over 60 i believe
MAT -above 550
5 merit list is out .
10 in general and 18 in minority are eligible for admsn

congrats to the converts ......

2nd minority list out,But no 5th Pgdm list.... does that mean no more pgdm intakes this year?

nileshpethkar Says
somebody posted earlier that thea are 7 lists for pgdm (correct me if i m wrong...but i dont want to be wrong)

7 list OMG . I dont care the number of list only matters is I make it this year to SIES

Will there be 5th list for pgdm.??

hey guys just wann know is the lateral pgdm admission considered only by Mhcet basis. or mat and cat guys are also in the league ..?

The 4th pgdm merit list out .congrats to all who made it.

NO offense But just wann know if the current Pgdm Merits are on basis of MHCET only or CAT and MAT candidates are considered too.