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Hi Bharathi,

Iam getting 145.

See how I went ahead.

Let x be the initial amount of gross in the field.
y be the rate of eating.

for 50 cows ( x + 50 * y) / 50 = 40 (1)
for 35 cows ( x + 35 * y) / 35 = 70 (2)

Solving (1) and (2) We get y = -30 and x = 3500
Here y = -30 because, the gross is decreasing per day

Now 'n' is the no. of days for 20 cows.

n = ( x + y*20)/20
= ( 3500 - 30 * 20 )/20
= ( 2900 ) / 20
= 145.

How to make Veg fried rice?
Some body might have told you about this, but
let's see how I dod it.

1. Cut 1 corrot into tall, thin pieces.
2. Peel 2 Aloo, and cut them into cubes.
3. Cut 2 onions into big pieces ( to get good taste).
4. Cut 3 chilles into tall pieces.
5. Chop a small ginger piece.
6. Chop small amount of coriander.
7. Put a pan on stove and start cooking rice
in electric cooker parallely. ( 1 glass rice +
2.5 glass water)
8. pour oil in the pan, and do tampering by adding musterseeds, Zeera, basin grams etc.
9. After the tamper becomes brown in colour, add Chiile, chopped ginzer, onions, aloo, carrots in series. ( onions should become golden brown).
10. Put plate on the top of the pan for 5 mts.
11. At this time rice could be half boiled.
12. turn off the stove and add the content of
pan to the rice in the cooker.
13. Add sufficient salt to boiling rice.
14. Boil till done ( For 10 more mts).
15. Sprinkle Chopped coriander and fried Kaju.
16. Add some Ghee on the top and mix weill.
17. Serve( to your self ) with pickle & Curd chutney.

A. Add Boiled Egg pieces to the above receipe.
B. Add Some noodles while cooking the rice.
C. Add peanuts to the above receipe.

Ask me if you have any questions.

Happy cooking.

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Just checked the mail by URMAD that he signed
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So my earlier mail applies to the acting moderator.



I fully agree with you.

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Hi Kunal,

Some terminology is new to me.

What's meant by "sitter"?


And to side track us, they gave same symbols at some other places also.

Nothing great.

When you subtract sum of 2 digits from the two
digit number, you will get any of the the following numbers as a result.
9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81
All the symbols at the above numbers in the diagram are same.
Got it?


Hi Coolio,

I read the answer in a book by Telugu author.

The interviewer might have studied the book.
That's why he selected the guy who studied
the same book and answered it correctly.

BTW. The answers of chirkutt are also very


I give the car to doctor and ask him to
drop the old sick man to his destination.

And I enjoy with my GF in the rain.

( This is not my original answer. read in a book)


Hi Lyndon,

Thanks for the list.