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Hello guyz!!

Good to see some activity on thread.

Please post a review of Princeton's book. It will help other aspirants too. Btw, I am currently perusing through Kaplan CR. It is good enough for fundamentals and explains POE. Not enough questions for practice though.

I totally agree with you regarding the 'GMAT coaching' instis. IMS/TIME are all CAT specialized instis which mentor GMAT also. If one wishes to join a coaching insti, my vote will be for an insti focussing only on GMAT as its all together a different ballgame.

Great idea!! Can you share your study strategy and current status? We will see if we can come up with some timelines accordingly.

We do not have a separate group. This thread is the sole arena of the discussions. Welcome aboard and contribute generously!!

You are right...Thats the guru mantra!! CHILL....

Folks, Lets ramp up and participate actively. Pour in all your doubts and information.


Have any of u guys tried the 1000SCs yet...I have solved 50 of them. Didn't check the answers though. It will be good if we can get the correct explanations for those qns. If people here want to discuss on the GMAT qns then we can start a yahoo group or drop our qns here.
What say???

Welcome Vibes!! I suggest we use this thread itself to discuss GMAT questions.

What have you started your prep with?

About 1000SC -

How do you find the level of questions?
Doesn't one need to brush up basics before attacking them?
Yeah! Time for action now. So guyz gear up and share your action plans. How have you started the preparation? What books to begin with? I have picked up a copy of Kaplan GMAT and planning to start with it over weekend.

In addition to OG(Official Guide for GMAT Review, 11th Edition), GMAC has come up with 2 more books this time -
The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal ReviewThe Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review

OG is must. For the other 2, you need to take a call. All of them have retired GMAT questions.


I am not aware of any source of GMATPREP cd's.
For the OG 11ed hunters, I could find the book in Koti book market,priced between Rs 1500-1600. There are limited copies available, guess 2 in my knwledge. Also, the xerox copies are available @Rs 550-700.

Hi all,
count me in too.. Zilch, that was a useful post indeed ! I plan to tk GMAT by march end.. I've jus started prep.. guess really need to speed up esp. coz: 1) am verbally challenged
2) Verbal skills esp. AWA can't be improvd in a short span of time.

I've got 10th ed of OG.. I've seen ppl sayin better to use 11th ed.. any further inputs on why 11th ed and not 10th ed ?



Check this thread...

It has all the info you might need. Post if you have any further questions.

The posts about OG 11ed do mention the overlaps between 10ed and 11ed. It further mentions the newer edition is better compiled. I still feel OG 10ed will be not much of a compromise.

Surprisingly, I could not grab a copy of that either!! Could you?

That was an useful post. The link really has enormous info.

Btw, have you been able to grab a copy of OG 11ed? Could you point me to any stores @Hyd where its available?


Welcome aboard guys!! So we are sailing on the same ship :-)

A quick question... I have not been able to lay my hands on a copy of OG 11ed. at any book stores @Hyd. Could you guyz point me to a shop where I can get this book?

All GMATters at Hyderabad are invited to participate in this thread - An attempt to collectively pin the beast. This is another regular thread to club up the efforts of all Hyderabad junta aspiring to crack GMAT. I would appreciate if some Master GMATters who have cracked it also participate to enlighten us.

This thread primarily focusses to bring along the people @Hyd to discuss,share and help. We can help each other with discussions, materials and experiences.

I have kickstarted it...lets pursue it to achieve the best...
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Anybody interested in group studies for Gmat. Please let me know. Currently I am staying in kondapur.