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Feels great tp be back on this thread after a brief sabbatical!!

My enitre time was occupied by friends family and of course prepration to come to LBS!!

Now its just counting the hours and then its on to Rajdhani to come to College!

All the best guys, in three days, this thread would be renamed to life @ LBSIM and and of course the friendly banter we have shared over te last few months will continue to rock @ PG and The 'Hood'.

Now mostly my next post would be after the first day in college. Looking forward to meeting you all and making a grand late entry on friday!!

Me too back after a hiatus,
Actually bit busy shopping, packing etc. Somehow something or the other always keeps coming up!!
Just 11 days to go now!! so busy winding up everything..getting dvds written etc! But its really fun..

Globemart..kaun hai aap?? LBSIM batch 2006-2008?? or a noobie in PG..?
Please introduce yourself..

Hey Chubs...
fantastic news..

Khoob jamega rang..jab mil baithenge yaar..

Hi Chinu,
Really looking forward to meet you too.. aur ab toh sach much mere liye delhi door nahi!!

Sure Chubs, will cal you ppl as soon as i can reach LBS i.e. by the evening

Hi Chinu,
I have posted my details..

Name: Venkat
Alias on PG: venky_nm

Place: Mumbai
Grad Stream - Bcom
Work Ex in months - 12 months in Financial modelling and research.
Waist Size: I will pretend not to have seen this question

Hi ppl,

Really excitd now that 20 days remain for college to start. Cool to know that the culture is very informal in LBSIM. Also, i would be missinf the orientation but would surely turn up by the evening to meet you guys.


Hey even I was wondering about the kind of clothes we would be wearing to college..I mean is formals compulsory? or is it casuals everyday and formals only during presentations etc??:

Hi ppl,

just back from a dhamaal weekend trip to pune with my buddies..I guess I should receive my letter soon! I have started with my packing and getting all geared up for Delhi!! The following week is my last week in my i guess would make all necessary preparations after that!

A-K: good work with the blog 'shareware' concept. I'll start contributing more real soon!

Peenay Waalon ko Peenay ka Bahana Chahiye
Specific parties ki koi jaroorat nahi hai , Jab mood banega aur time hoga , Taan hi Talli

I concurr!!