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I am not too sure as to what you are looking for by asking this qn and how it will affect you. as long as u have applied before the deadline, there is good chance for you to get it. although the later u apply, the less chances are there for you coz seats are already taken up.

Elementary Mr Watson! Elementary....

anyway, if u wanna know if ppl get selected if they apply on the last day of all the evals, the ans is yes of course, my friend currently with me has done it :-). All da best for you and do let others know if u can :-)

Thanks man. that was helpful. And I will post if I have any update from my side.

Hi Shweta,
Is it too late to apply for Nov 2009 intake? I submitted my application on Sep 16th. I know that there is a round of evaluations going on on Sep 20. I could see in this thread that for Dec 2008 & Apr 2009 intake, there were three rounds of evaluations each. So, is there any chance that there is any chance for another round for evaluations?

My profile:
Exp: 2 yrs in an MNC
GMAT: 710
BTech: 8.3 (NIT)
12th: 95.8%
10th: 90%

Hi everyone,

I have applied for November intake on Sep-16. I know that I am too late and that I am hoping for too much. But, is there any chance that I can make it?

My profile:
Exp : 2 years in an MNC
GMAT : 710
BTech: 8.3/10 from NIT
12th : 95.8%
10th : 90%

UHello all,

I applied online and took the printout after paying by credit card.
But somehow misplaced the print out.
I do not have the app no.
Please advice as i still need to post the to proceed with this.

Dont worry dude,
I think the best way is to approach the IIFT authorities with the online transaction number.
nothing could happen as some of my friends also facing the same problem

yes i see the same problem. but try to go into the discussion forum. that link will ask you to sign in with time's id. may be that will help
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horrible score
quant - 34 (9c 2w)
di - 25 (7c 3w)
va - -1 (3c 13w)
gotta improve badly in va

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hi all,
i have gone through the discussion and i saw a lot of puys who faced problems with online AIMCATs. i just started to wonder whether people are going to face any problems like u faced recently.
god forbid that such thing happens to anybody:shocked:


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hi all,
i have given 1015 yesterday in bangalore. i have not got any scores(of course i wont till 19th august), but is there anyway that we get the question paper for 1015, so we can discuss it here in this forum??:cheers:


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