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Hello All,

My name is Vivek

Best Regards,

Hi vivek,
First of all, I would ask you to go through the post by other GMAT aspirants & achievers in PG. The Question put across by you is so nave and shows your ignorance regarding MBA.I really don't want to burden the bandwidth of PG by explaining this issue. But I will surely help you out, PM me with your mail id. I will try my level best to clarify your query.;)
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Hi Puys,
So there is not much action,Hope everyone is busy preparing for the GMAT.Just thought of wishing all puys a best of luck for thier GMAT.Just wanted to know if any of the puys who have successfully completed Gmat & ready to share/sell thier GMAT Stuff,especially princeton,kaplan & Manhattan prep Sentence correction or even other stuff.If anyone interested do P.M me.;)

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if u can tell me y everyone is busy for july and august only... as the one can give gmat exam anytime in the yr.

and what books to refer for gmat

Hi ankur,
I was actually caught up with some work,so not able to reply on time.So I will now answer your queries.
1.This forum is created for people taking exams in July &August;'08,thats what i mean by the title of the forum.So most of these guys must have started around Jan'08 and by now will be in the revision mode,Bcos if you need good score you have to put atleast 3 months of dedicated study pattern(Rare cases of 1 month still there).
2.There are many forums in PG where people discuss about study materials to college admissions without any time frame.So there it will be a rolling process where a thread started as old as 2006 is still in running mode.
3.Regarding books to refer to
Kaplan 800
OG 11
Manhattan Series
4.I never wanted to hurt anyone,but why i mostly ask everyone to go through the forum is mainly bcos i myself have benifitted immensely from PG,as i have spent going through all those pages,Since mutiple views will help you to arrive @ consensus.For example: someone might say start from Kaplan 800,but 10 more people might have advised earlier that it is too difficult @ beginner level.So you can now get a view about the books.
5.Gmat can be taken @ any part of the year,but when you do the research you will come to know July/August is the best season to do if you plan for Fall Next year.Because after yor score,if have to go through all those application&other; stuffs,so to land in US next fall(which is the best time),July/august is the most preferred.
Hope I was able to answer your queries.:D
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gupta.a.ankur Says
hi.... all ...i been reading the forum for a while now..... guy me from mumbai... need assistance for gmat... any one all u reachable on phone... let me know...i reside in goregoan... possibily.... if i can catch up.....and understand about the whole procedure.....

Hi ankur,
Plz read from the beginning of this forum,Bcos this gives a lot of Insight into the Stuff you require.Everyone in these forums started from scrap and by going through various forums have attained this level of undersatnding about GMAT.Moreover most of them are giving thier exams in July/August and will be in thier Intensive mode,I dont think it is right to disturb them @ this juncture.So go through
GMAT and Related Discussions - - The Everything of MBA, CAT 2008, GMAT, XAT, IIM
This will help you a lot.Trust me
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Thanks for your reply.
So have you joined IMS?Do you have an idea of the fees for the classroom training?

The study Material alone:Rs 7k
The Class room program-Rs 24k
The Counselling alone-Rs 20k
Class room+Counselling-Rs30k
GMAT+CAT+Counselling-Rs 40k
This is the latest detail i got from IMS SION Branch,Hope this applies to pan India.The Counselling mentioned above is actually the help they provide to apply for US Colleges incl essays et al.
Hope this helps
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Hi Guys & Gals,
First of all congrats for making into Tancet 2008.Hope everyone will be eager to join thier PG(Post Grad) course,which can change the future course of your life.For past few years this three letter word has caught the fancy of everyone bcos of the various career options with big pay package it provides.But most dont make the best out of the Bschool(Dont take me as a pessimist).Thats bcos they think just like B.E. getting the score & exiting the course on the two years period will get them the so called plump jon they see in paper.But things are totally different in MBA.MBA as a course will transform you into a person of all around sature,remember a specialist is a person who is a king in one field alone(Thatz wat we guys did in our B.E...either Mech,Auto,ECE,EEE..etc).So from a specialist we are transforming ourselves into a all rounder.Why i am saying all this???.Bcos when choosing you B-school you have to be literally focused on 1)faculty members 2)Infrastructure 3)Your Bachmates.
I have seen couple og guys pitting Sona college as a good one.I accept,it might be good for your B.E.But for M.B.A i dont think so.(I dont have any grudge against this college).Not only Sona,many B-schools in Tamilnadu are in this level.The professors are actually students who have just passed out or may be 2 years earlier.What can they teach about MBA to you Guys.Okey the Guide Books & all other stuff will help to clear the paper but the edge against other Bschool students..a BIG NO.So you might be thinking why this guy wants to put all these things now....Bcos you are investing not only Money but 2YEARS OF YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE:!:.That too in a competitive environment.So plz take utmost care in getting into Top Bschool in Tamilnadu list(I can suggest only Anna Univ&PSG;).If you have got less marks plz cotinue your work in your workplace and get back next year.
The main reason which made me to write this is my own batch mates who passed out of the Colleges mentioned in the top 15 list and ended up working in Same profile &pay; packets and literally crying over for wasting thier two years:banghead:.
Attention Freshers: I would really want freshers to put up some work experience before pursuing might think what this workex matters,but once you start working,you will know why i have mentioned this.Get any job,dont see the one earns in lacs/crores after passing out of college unless you are some Ambani's son/Daughter.Bcos even if you waste around 6months after graduation,it will be a blackmark in future career prospects.
I wish everyone a best of luck for thier future carrer &life;:clap:

P.S:Anyone whos is having any opinion on the points i had putforth are welcomed.

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Hi Guys,
I recently got into this site,There i found out there are couple of GMAT Materials available:-P.Mostly the cd test versions like Kaplan,Princeton,IMS Max GMAT Prep are available.Most of the files are in .nrg format which you can burn it into your cd if you have Nero Softwares or else you can mount it as a Virtual cd in your Comp using Poweriso or Alcohol Software.Regarding Books beware of pdfs with tags like OG 11th Edition,Dont Download bcos its mostly 1O th Edition.So save your Download time.It also has some couple of Other xyz Gmat stuffs....its upto you to decide..Hope this is Useful.Guys if you know any other sites for sharing &Downloading; Gmat Materials Do let me know.

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Future n Options by Hull 6th Edition & as well as Solution Manual to 4th Edition of John.c.Hull is available in Basic Econometrics by Damodar Gujarati is available.But Essentials of Econometrics is not available.There are even couple of other Risk Management Books available in this site.The Greatest thing is this site is accesible from office.Even Downloading is Possible.....:

Hey I m also givin GMAT in July n work in Powai....... Really meeting cud b a gud idea....
Really all other material I have as soft copies, but my eyes get tired staring @ d monitor all day....

Same here, scrolling those pdfs , But most of the soft copy downloaded from esnips are pretty old(2003),Is it okey to study from those.Do you have anyother sites or links to download latest or atleast a year old stuff.Especially those Kaplan800,Princeton stuffs
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amit@ims Says
can u please let me know that do we essentially need to be an employee of TATA ? or just a valid GMAT score ud suffice the eligibility criteria?

TAS recruits high-achieving young postgraduates from leading business schools each year and puts them through an intensive 1 5-month programme. The TAS also recruits some of the best talent from within the Tata Group through the TAS Inhouse R ecruitment Programme. For More Info visit About TAS