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amit_k4 Says
Has anyone who had applied to ISB this year and was dinged, got the feedback from ISB after requesting the adcom??

There are some people here who got dinged by ISB this year but not sure if anyone has got any feedback yet..I would like to know as well

ok I have a query... I heard somewhere you can apply to ISB only twice.. I am ???

WhiteWNNoise Says
arre zaroor milega.... ek khojne jaogi to 2 milenge.... woh toh isb main hi milega...

dhoondey sey toh America bhi mil jaata hai...Viru Sahastrabudhhe bhi milega wahan toh
WhiteWNNoise Says
you from which place.... ? aur kisi ko koi book chahiye...

WhiteWNNoise Says
arre ekdum naya book milega.... let me find out the price and get back to you....

bhai ek mere liye bhi

It depends on when you feel comfortable with your CV. Normally the R1 for ISB ends in Aug-Sep while R2 in late Nov. So if you are planning to apply in R1 better finish up your gmat by may-june and focus on the essays then.

Hope it helps.

Yupsy bro!!!
MBA 2012 Says
Going by last year's dates, Sept 15 was the R1 deadline and Nov 30 was R2 deadline. It should be similar this year as well.

sep 15 2012 and nov 30 2012 ...aii ?

Hey guys... been here for quite sometime... will stick to this thread now.. have given gmat earlier... 670 and awa 5... planning to give it again.. typical I/I/M profile ...actually not much aware bout when to start applying.. was plannign to give GMAT again by jul-aug... but not sure if that would make me too late for 2014 application process... typically when should we apply for r1 2014 and r2 2014.... do we need to start as early as april 2012 :wow:

PS: just subscribed for life

KrishChalu Says
I agree with you vebmasta, same boat as yours, reading the above posts is definitely exciting!! I hope all of the above get admits..:)

Amen!!!! things will be good!!!!

wow the excitement is so contagious.. I haven't even applied to ISB and yet i am so excited.. lol.. god only knows why

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